Geek Fuel Review July 2017

Geek Fuel is a monthly mystery box of geeky goodness. Boxes will come packed with limited edition toys, collectibles, games, comics, stickers, buttons, and other fun stuff. While the contents vary by month, you will ALWAYS get an exclusive t-shirt and a full computer game (in the form of a Steam activation code) in your shipment. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Ahh… Geek Fuel, my monthly reminder that I’m a much bigger geek than I give myself credit.  My last Geek Fuel box was such a hit out of the park I feel like my expectations are through the roof this month!  I’m sure they’ll deliver, but let’s take a look!

Barrel Cooler Drink Holder

Keep your canned beverages chilly while climbing ladders or jumping from jungle treetops.  We’re 99% sure this Barrel Cooler won’t launch your drink out of your hands. 

This is hilarious!  I wasn’t the biggest Donkey Kong fan, but I can 100% appreciate the reference and think this item is on par for the kind of geeky goodness Geek Fuel provides!

KidRobot Street Fighter V 3″ Vinyl Mini Figure

Start your very own World Warrior tournament with these collectible 3″ figures from KidRobot!  Strike a fighting pose and don’t forget to HADOUKEN!

Awesome!  3″ vinyls can be a really coveted item among the geek world – just big enough to really capture the figure, yet small enough for your desk!

Epic Enamels Thunder Clasp Edition

Sight beyond sight!  Mind-power!  Sixth sense!  Spot your Thunder Clasp and summon the strengths of a powerful cat-human alien.  The 80’s was a strange time.

I don’t always get the Enamels references, but I have to say I love the consistency of this item!  You are pretty well guaranteed one in every box!  Pin collecting can be a really big deal and with Geek Fuel you are always expanding that pin collection!

SteamRoll Downloadable Steam Game

Solve tricky puzzles and adventure through a steampunk world in Steamrolll.  It’s like minigolf with robots and 19th century machinery, which makes golf way cooler.

Ok, this sounds super fun!  I usually give the game cards away, but I think I will have to keep this one for myself!

GeekFuel Exclusive – Serentiy

In the year 2517, everything looks like the old West, but with spaceships.  We embrace that retrofuturism sci-fi concept with this t-shirt: a classic design of an iconic spaceship from your favourite off-air television show.  

Love the exclusive shirts!  This one is the perfect size for me too.  I really like the graphic on it and could definitely see myself wearing this one!

Geek Fuel July 2017 – Final Thoughts

Ok, so this one wasn’t my favourite box over all, but like I said, last month’s was so amazing I knew this month would have a hard time topping it.  It was still very impressive though!  Love the exclusive shirt every month and the cooler was probably my favourite item!  I’m pretty excited to try out that Steamroll game and my pin collection is getting pretty stellar!  I would say that Geek Fuel is my favourite geek subscription on the market!  You can’t beat their consistency in curation and you can really tell they are passionate about what they do!


Geek Fuel

Geek Fuel is a subscription box that delivers 8 to 9 unique and exclusive geeky pop culture products to your doorstep every three months.

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