Geek Fuel Review May 2017

Geek Fuel is a monthly mystery box of geeky goodness. Boxes will come packed with limited edition toys, collectibles, games, comics, stickers, buttons, and other fun stuff. While the contents vary by month, you will ALWAYS get an exclusive t-shirt and a full computer game (in the form of a Steam activation code) in your shipment. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Geek Fuel is the perfect way to satisfy that inner geek and build out your geek-dom.  Whether it’s paying tribute to old school gaming or bringing to light the up and coming, Geek Fuel does a great job of providing quality items in a variety of products from a vast source of content.

Each month receive a Geek Fuel Magazine outlining the hit shows or games on the market.  Also included is the perfect geek giving gift guide to the latest toys on the market.

Funko Pop! – Stewie Vinyl Figure
Is he cuddly and cute or working on preparations to take out Lois and take over the world?  Either way, he’s the life of Family Guy, and now he can join you on your daily adventures, doling out advice that my or may not be worthwhile.

I’m not a huge fan of Family Guy, so I can’t speak to excitedly about this product.  What I can comment on is the great quality of the item!  This is exactly the type of figurine that would be displayed on desks at my old job.  Might I add, proudly displayed!

Kaiju Panic – Downloadable Steam Game
Rescue the survivors of a massive meteorite attack and save them from the disastrous, monstrous Kaiju that are taking over what’s left of a world mired in panic, natural disasters, and crazy weather.

This is exactly the kind of item that really sets Geek Fuel over the top!  What a great way to discover new games.  Game cards are a brilliant idea and I love that every month I get the opportunity to try out a new product.

Epic Enamels A Real Enamel Hero – Geek Fuel Exclusive
There are a lot of ways to show your love for the real American heroes, and we’ve done just that with this set of Epic Enamels that are ready to take on every evil force that heads towards them.

I believe I received one of these before.  I love the exclusive items.  This is what makes you really feel part of a secret club!  There are always bragging rights with exclusive items.

Marvel Heroes Power Pouch
This is a multi-use quite powerful zip-up pouch featuring retro comic strips of your favourite Marvel characters.  Use it to carry anything – money, toiletries, or … plutonium.

Love a good pencil case!  I’m a bit of a sucker for organization.  You could have received one of five different patterns.  Options range from The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and a collection of featured Marvel characters.

Dungeons and Dragons – Geek Fuel Exclusive
It’s time to break out the 20-sided die and pay tribute to the legendary RPG that started them all.  Whether you’re more partial to the original Demogorgon from the 1974 Dungeon and Dragons debut, or just discovered the Stranger kind thanks to a certain hit TV show, you’ll love to show off your geekiness with this Exclusive Licensed ‘Demogorgon of Brine Flats’ T-Shirt.

I’m not a Dungeons and Dragons fan, but I absolutely love that a shirt is provided in every box and that every shirt is an exclusive to Geek Fuel!  Such a great way to show appreciation for all the subscribers out there.  Shirts like this are the envy of all geeks.

Geek Fuel May 2017 – Final Thoughts

I wasn’t as excited about the items in this month’s box over other months, but I find it really doesn’t matter, because the quality of the items and the variety of the items get me really excited!  Whether I keep them or give them as gifts I can really stand behind Geek Fuel and their curation of an amazing subscription box.  I get excited when I see this box each month, regardless of what’s inside.  I think anyone can agree after seeing the consistency month after month.  Don’t believe us?  Check out past month’s reviews of this box.  You won’t be disappointed!


Geek Fuel

A monthly mystery box of geeky goodness. Boxes will come packed with limited edition toys, collectibles, games, comics, stickers, buttons, and other fun stuff. While the contents vary by month, […]

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