Gen YZ Box Review (Z Box) October 2017

Gen YZ Box is a new subscription box for everyone else. Because being cool different is awesome! It’s a monthly box of awesomeness filled with cool, unique finds for amazing girls and young women.  The value in each box is guaranteed to be at least $90! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Did you see the Y Box review we just posted? If not, you must go check it out. We are so excited to have an exclusive peek at this brand new subscription box. Gen YZ Box just launched and their first boxes start shipping October 1st. Today we get to have a look at the second of their two options – Gen Z Box.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Gen YZ Box subscription you have two options to choose from:

  1. Gen Y Box is recommended for ages 16+.  There are special items we include specifically for this box that will be curated for this age group.
  2. Gen Z Box we recommend for ages 15 and under.  This box also includes different items that are curated specifically for the Gen Zers.

What You Get: Each month your box will be loaded with items from decor items for your room to rad accessories.  Each box is jam packed with whimsical items that are unique, fun and expressive that you haven’t seen before.  The best part is that each month it will be a surprise! At Gen Y/Z we want you to have a blast opening up your box each month and discovering the products inside.  Every month will feature a minimum of 7-10 fabulous items that we absolutely love from brands we admire with a few bonus surprise items added in.

Today we are reviewing the Gen Z Box (for ages 15 & under). Here’s a closer look…….

London Landscape Wall Sticker ($13.99)

An iconic wall sticker that will give a mod finish to any interior space. This wall sticker really is a wall filler because of the large size and will make a great focal point. Made from premium matte vinyl, our wall stickers are durable and will last practically a lifetime indoors. 

I LOVE wall stickers, and we hardly ever receive them in subscription boxes so Gen YZ Box gets bonus points for this one. I am tempted to place these in my photo room or my office.

Streamline Imagined Animal Toothbrush Holder ($4.99)

Perfect for people that love cute animals and need a way to keep their toothbrushes off the counter. Feed these hungry critters with a toothbrush, comb, pen or other similar small and light items. The other end has a suction cup so you can hold the item up on your mirror or other smooth, flat surface. 

Oh my goodness! This is genius!!! I already know exactly what I am going to do with this. The BF is always losing his toothbrush (yes, it happens) and it’s usually just in the cupboard or bathroom drawer. I am going to put this little critter on the mirror above his sink and he will never ask me where his toothbrush is again because it will be right in front of him…….in the most adorable toothbrush holder ever! I can’t wait to see the look on his face.

Kitsch Dreamcatcher Headband Set ($11.99)

Hey Free Spirit! Adorn yourself with these Dreamcatcher Headbands in a mix of bohemian prints and textures. This 3 piece set features a feather print, white lace and studs.

Hair accessories are a necessity. And I especially love this brand. I feel like this is the perfect item for girls of any age. I’m always reaching for a hairband.

Dark Hero Light Up Your Life Lightbox ($14.99)

Greeting cards are so 20th century! Create light-up personalized messages at home or in pictures for birthdays, holidays, special events, or just because it’s Tuesday!

This is one of the best items I have received in any of my subscription boxes. I’ve been wanting to get a lightbox. I have it sitting beside my on my desk as we speak. I’ll probably use it for fun quotes or things I need to remember.

Sterling Silver Pineapple Stud Earrings ($17.49)

If you were a fruit, you’d be a FINE-apple! These solid 925 sterling silver earrings will help you tropics like it’s hot.

These are absolutely perfect. They are trendy, cute, and simple all at the same time. I love that they are sterling silver and that they came in such a cute box.

Rad Set of 5 Enamel Pins ($14.97)

Spice up your favourite denim jacket, backpack or bag with our set of rad enamel pins.

I was pleasantly surprise to see a set of 5 enamel pins in the box. Usually we receive one or two at the most (in other boxes) so the fact that they included 5 is pretty great. I love the mouse, I think he needs to live on my gym bag.

Magic Magnetic Putty ($9.99)

You’re never too old for mindless fun! This takes regular “silly” putty and turns its awesomeness up to 11. Like any other putty, it can be stretched, bounded, molded, popped, and torn. However, when this putty is in the presence of a magnetic field, it exhibits fascinating properties. Hours of fun are guaranteed.

Ok, this stuff is awesome! It molds, and shapes, and bounces, and pops, and stretches and it’s magnetic!!! I could play with this for hours. It’s highly addictive.

Velvet Kitty Makeup Bag ($8.99)

A compact makeup bag is an essential piece for just about anyone, but why settle for a plain one when you can get this long-lashed beauty? With two ears and a plush tail, this makeup bag, which also doubles as a pencil case is sure to set you apart from the rest. This cat makeup bag is the perfect size to easily tuck into a purse, backpack or bag, yet large enough to hold all your necessary items. This pretty kitty even promises to keep the bags contents safe.

This is just the cutest little makeup bag ever. I’ll be gifting it to one of my nieces but I’m also tempted to keep it for myself because it would be perfect as a case for my office supplies.

Flip Flop Pedicure Set

We know flip flop season is almost over but pretty toes are in style year round! This handy kit is tiny enough to take with you on the go so you’re prepared wherever you may be!

Cute and fun and practical. I love little items like this. It’s a great way to keep small toiletries organized and convenient for taking on road trips.

Hair Accessory Set

We’ve curated this set of hair accessories so you have something to tame your mane, no matter the occasion. Our handmade fox ponytail holders are a quick and cute way to style your mane when you’re on the go. Our chevron ponytail holder is perfect for a sleek look for a night out on the town. We didn’t forget those days you’re feeling a little prickly. Our cactus barrette is perfect for half up, half down hairstyles.

Hair accessories are one of those things we don’t receive often enough. I’m not the only one who loses elastics on a regular basis, so this is something every girl will appreciate.

Soft Bunny Keychain/Bag Charm (purple)

How cute is this? We love dressing up our bags and this little bunny is irresistibly soft.

It doesn’t really get any cuter than this. I can’t stop petting this little bunny, he is so soft, and SO adorable.

Bonus Item for New Subscribers – Flamingo Necklace

The cutest necklace ever!! Gen YZ Box includes this as a special bonus gift for all new subscribers. I think this is a wonderful idea.

Bonus Items

Gen YZ Box also threw in a couple of bonus items this month (in both boxes). I LOVE the floral washi tape. I’m not sure where I will use it but I’m definitely going to come up with something.

Gen YZ Box Review (Z Box) September 2017 – Final Thoughts

I said this in the last review but I am honestly so impressed with this new subscription. Gen YZ is fun and unique and original. I love that it is unlike any other subscription box I review. It’s geared towards teens and tweens, but I appreciate it just as much as those age groups. My nieces will love every single item in this box. I’m blown away by the value and the number of items we received. Not to mention the packaging, attention to detail and bonus items. Gen YZ Box really has thought of everything. And keep in mind, this is their very first box!!! If I didn’t know better I would say that they have been on the market for a while. I honestly can’t wait to see more from this subscription. I recommend keeping an eye on this company. I expect to see great things from them. Oh, and make sure you put this box on your Christmas gift list. If I gave this to my nieces for Christmas I guarantee I would get an award for Auntie of the Year!





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