Gentleman’s Box Review April 2017

Gentleman’s Box is a subscription box that caters to the modern gentleman. Each month honors a noteworthy gentleman from the past or present. Items in their subscription box for men are hand selected to reflect the carefully crafted image of that month’s honored gentleman. Four to five products, including a subscription to GQ magazine, arrive at your doorstep monthly. They kindly sent us this box to review. 

April Theme

Each month Gentleman’s Box features a noteworthy gentleman. This month they are featuring their favourite Nautical Navigator. An American actor and filmmaker known for his comedic and dramatic roles. He had two huge hits in 1993. One role was in a classic romantic comedy, in the other role he played a lawyer whose unfortunate contraction of aids resulted in the termination of his employment.

I totally figured it out this month!! I know who the noteworthy gentleman is! I’m not going to give it away, but if you think you know who it is comment below.

Here’s a look at the items we received in the April Gentleman’s Box:

WCR Co. Socks ($12)

WCR Co. provides you with a blue and gold sock that you can wear with different clothing styles. They are the perfect socks to wear for outdoor events. 

These are great!! I’m always happy to receive socks, but some stand out more than others. These are definitely standing out. I love the blue/yellow color combo and the different size stripes.

Dazi USA Tie ($28)

This month Dazi USA has brought you The Collegiate tie. This tie is handmade with a cotton linen blend, and it is the perfect addition to your Spring wardrobe. 

Wow, they nailed it this month with the suit accessories. This is another item that is jumping out at me more than usual. I loved this tie the moment I laid eyes on it. The diagonal stripes are classic yet trendy, and the fabric is amazing. This is my favourite fabric when it comes to ties. I also love that both the socks and tie are perfect for Spring, and can we worn together.

My Suited Life Fish Hook Tie Bar ($19)

Bold? Check. Distinct? Check. My Suited Life brings you the Fish Hook Tie Clip, a Gentleman’s Box exclusive. 

This pairs perfectly with the first two items and follows the theme nicely. I like that it is a little more trendy than your typical bar-style tie clip but not over the top.

Sunny Rebel Sunglasses ($35)

This month we give you a pair of sunglasses with a tortoise design that will pair well with your Spring and Summer style. 

I am SO glad that Gentleman’s Box has curated this month’s box with Spring and Summer in mind. They get bonus points for that. I also love that they included a style other than the classic aviator that so often shows up in subscription boxes. I really love these sunglasses and if they aren’t too big for my face I will be keeping them for myself.

Detroit Grooming Co. Body Wash (sample)

To keep your hair and body clean, Detroit Grooming Co. presents their Peppermint Shampoo & Body Wash. This premium wash will nourish your skin while you smell fresh like Spring. 

Gentleman’s Box Review April 2017 – Final Thoughts

I think Gentleman’s Box did an amazing job with the April box. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about it. We have great value and great items. The socks and tie are perfect for the season (very important) as are the sunglasses. I always love to see sunglasses in subscription boxes, and it’s refreshing to see something other than aviators. I love the theme and the curation. They covered all their bases and provided subscribers with some essential pieces for their Spring/Summer wardrobe. This is what I like to see from Gentleman’s Box. I think this might be one of the best boxes we have received from them……well done!


Gentleman’s Box

Gentleman's Box is a premier subscription box designed for the modern man. Each month's unique theme provides products that are sure to impress.

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