Gentleman’s Box Review February 2018

Gentleman’s Box is a subscription box that caters to the modern gentleman. Each month honors a noteworthy gentleman from the past or present. Items in their subscription box for men are hand selected to reflect the carefully crafted image of that month’s honored gentleman. Four to five products, including a subscription to GQ magazine, arrive at your doorstep monthly. They kindly sent us this box to review.

Gentleman’s box is a really great way to keep your suit accessory game on point. It’s a great way to discover new brands and new styles. It also makes a really great gift thanks to the amazing price point and value received in each box. Any guy would be lucky to receive this as a gift. So keep that in mind for V-Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, and any other holiday requiring a gift for your guy.

Subscription Details

Gentleman’s Box has 3 different subscription boxes to choose from:

  1. Monthly Subscription – $25 per month
  2. Sock of the Month – $12 per month
  3. Tie of the Month – $15 per month

Here’s a closer look at the February Box…..

February Theme

The February box is honouring “Our Favorite Adored Activist”. He is a nonviolent anti-apartheid, politician, and philanthropist. He studied at the University of Forte and the University of South Africa before becoming a lawyer in Johannesburg in 1952.

Mind Socks ($12)

This month we are featuring a pair of Mind Socks made of 80% combed cotton, 17% spandex, and 3% nylon material composition. For every purchase of Mind Socks, they donate 10% of their profits to mental health services.

Navy is one of those colors that doesn’t receive enough attention. I use to stay away from navy clothing items altogether. But I’ve come to appreciate it over the years. It’s a nice change from black, and despite my original beliefs, it’s actually very versatile. Oh…..and polka dots are always a good idea.

Tie Doctors Tie ($39)

Tie Doctors is a brand devoted to giving back to those who help the community. They donate a portion of their profits to Doctors Without Borders, an organization that delivers emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from health care.

The pattern of this tie is a little bit old school, which I actually really love. It pairs with the socks perfectly, and continues with the navy color theme.

Traveling Gentleman’s Boutique Pocket Square ($29)

Traveling Gentleman’s Boutique creates premium accessories that are affordable and accessible to men everywhere. They are excited to finally bring their carefully curated collection of men’s accessories from their trunk to your home. This month, we are featuring a premium 100% pure silk pocket square from Traveling Gentleman’s Boutique.

First of all, I have to talk about the packaging. I love that this pocket square came in its own little package as opposed to the plain plastic cover most pocket squares come in. In regards to the style and color, I love the look of this square, but I don’t think I would pair it with the tie and/or socks. I feel like it needs to be paired with a simple tie so as not to take away from square itself. It deserves to be the focal piece.

Percentage Sign Leather Journal ($20)

Journals, diaries, and day planners help to stay organized. Inspired by our honouree and his passion for writing, we are featuring a genuine leather pocket journal by Percentage Sign in this month’s box. This journal is a great place to capture your thoughts and ideas.

This is a really great item to keep close by, or in your pocket if you so desire. I am constantly writing things down so I can remember them for later.

Percentage Sign Ballpoint Pen ($10)

To pair with your leather pocket journal we are also featuring a black ballpoint pen made by Percentage Sign. This pen serves as a 2-in-1 capacitive touchscreen stylus that is compatible with all touchscreen devices.

I’ve really come to appreciate a good pen, one that also doubles as a stylus. So many times I’ve gone to write on my cell screen but deleted my work because it’s far too messy. That’s where the stylus comes in. So much easier to write, doodle and draw. Every guy needs a pen like this for his suit pocket.

Detroit Grooming Co. Cherry Lip Balm ($2)

The Detroit Grooming Company is the best place to get the finest handcrafted beard oils and men’s grooming products. They promise to bring you the best natural ingredients without harming the environment. This month we are featuring a cherry flavoured, natural beeswax lip balm to repair dry and chapped lips.

This is a small item but one I always love to see in my subscription boxes. The cherry flavor brings back memories from High School. Cherry was my lip balm of choice back then.

Gentleman’s Box Review February 2018 – Final Thoughts

This month’s Gentleman’s Box has a value of $112 which is pretty amazing. Let’s not forget that the box itself only costs $25. This is why I say that this box would make a really great gift. You could gift your guy a 3-month subscription for only $75 and each month when their box shows up they will think of you and what an amazing gift giver you are. I should also take this time to remind you that Gentleman’s Box subscriptions also come with a subscription to GQ magazine. It is shipped separately from the box itself which is why we haven’t pictured it here. Just another thing to keep in mind when shopping for men’s subscriptions.


Gentleman’s Box

Gentleman's Box is a premier subscription box designed for the modern man. Each month's unique theme provides products that are sure to impress.

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