Gentleman’s Box Review March 2018

The thing I love the most about subscription boxes is that they provide you with items that you would otherwise think you didn’t need until you get them. Each Gentleman’s Box contains about 4-5 products in addition to a subscription to GQ magazine for only $25 a month!

March Gentleman’s Box Theme

The March Gentleman’s Box is honouring “Our favourite narrator”.

Storytelling plays an important role in our lives as it gives us a direction towards what we should aspire to do in life. This month Gentleman’s Box honours an influential activist who set out on their own path to follow their heart and who eventually became an activist and environmentalist who spoke on standout issues around the world.

The thing that sets Gentleman’s Box apart compared to other subscription boxes is its monthly catalogue. Each month it highlights noteworthy gentlemen and individuals that have shared pictures of them wearing their products online. The catalogue also describes each item, and shows off ways you can style them which is a plus for some things that you may not be used to wearing! In essence, Gentleman’s Box makes looking good easy.

Rutherford Sock Co. Socks ($15)

The first item featured in this months box are socks from Rutherford Sock Co. Rutherford gentlemen is a premier source for modern men’s fashion that strives on individuality and the use of ethically sourced materials. These socks will not only allow you to stay stylish at the office but add that extra something to your outfit.

G FOX AND CO. Wayfarer Sunglasses ($25)

G FOX AND CO. is the essence of beach/cottage vibes, which is perfect for the warm weather that’s quickly approaching. Wayfarers, in my opinion, are an essential pair of sunglasses that every person should have due to their versatility and timeless look that will never go out of style.

Seasons Playing Cards, Deck of Cards ($15)

Seasons Playing Cards have been making high-quality cards decks since 2011. Each deck is full of unique designs which showcase their craftsmanship and creativity making their cards unique and a great item to have when your friends are over. I personally play card games with my friends so this will definitely be used very soon.

Soft Landing, Collar Stays ($29)

Soft Landing believes in challenging yourself beyond your comfort zone and providing you with the essentials that you’ll need when you take those small or large adventures in your life. In this month’s box, they have provided metal collar stays. Being someone who wears collared shirts every day, losing these things happens much too often. The best part about these collars stays is that they’re not flimsy like the plastic ones that you get from the store. These ones ensure that your collars stay crisp throughout the day, keeping your look sharp and on point.

Gentleman Collective, Saxophone Tie Clip ($19)

Tie clips are my favourite way to add personality to any of my outfits. They’re subtle but can make a statement at the same time. This months Gentleman’s box comes with a saxophone tie clip with a gold-plated finish. Whether you’re a fan of the instrument or not, it’s a great conversation starter. Personally, it reminds me of my childhood when I used to play the alto-saxophone, so I’ve worn it with pride and a smile on my face.

Gentleman’s Box Review March 2018 – Final Thoughts

This months Gentleman’s Box is probably one of my favourite subscription boxes that I’ve received in the past year. It not only sends a great message about following your dreams but also gives you the tools to do it. From the detailed box to the catalogue explaining each item and key tips on how to be a gentleman, this box definitely delivers, especially for the price. To anyone who is considering on subscribing to Gentleman’s Box or any men’s subscription box for that matter, I highly recommend this one!

Edward –

Gentleman’s Box

From grooming supplies to style accessories, and everything in between, the Gentleman’s Box provides all the essentials for the savvy man.

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