Gentleman’s Box Review May 2017

Gentleman’s Box is a subscription box that caters to the modern gentleman. Each month honors a noteworthy gentleman from the past or present. Items in their subscription box for men are hand selected to reflect the carefully crafted image of that month’s honored gentleman. Four to five products, including a subscription to GQ magazine, arrive at your doorstep monthly. They kindly sent us this box to review. 

May Theme

Gentleman’s Box has done something a little different this month and they have teamed up with Jim Beam Black. Here are the details:

As the makers of Jim Beam Black, the highest rated bourbon in the world, we’re proud to be partnering with Gentleman’s Box this month. Just as style and taste go hand in hand, so do Jim Beam Black and Gentleman’s Box. We invite you to enjoy Jim Beam Black and we hope you enjoy the items in this month’s Gentleman’s Box in the meantime.

In addition to partnering up with Jim Beam Black, they are also staying true to their subscription box theme and honouring their favourite Southern Gentleman. This month they honour a large group of gentleman characterized by casual elegance. These gentleman have an inviting nature and charming personalities. To them, chivalry lives on. They will always be the first to hold the door open and their last word will end in ma’am or sir.

Be still, my heart…….I am already in love with this box….

Let’s have a closer look at the items we received this month:

Southern Scholar Socks ($12)

This month Southern Scholar brings you a maroon polka dot sock. Every sock comes with a ribbed cuff to stay in place at the calf. It also has a spandex and polyester blend for softness and breathability. The socks have reinforced stitching on the toe cap and heel to prevent holes.

Love, love, love these socks! Everything is perfect. The color, the polka dots and the grey detail. And……did you know that Southern Scholar has their own subscription box? Find the details HERE.

Salt + Dapper Tie ($39)

Salt + Dapper presents a maroon plaid tie made from 100% cotton. Represent true confidence by wearing this tie without a care in the world. This tie will perfect the Southern Gentleman look provided by this month’s box.

This tie screams Southern Gentleman and I love it. In the product booklet they have it paired with a navy jacket and khaki pants. It gives off a bit of a private school vibe, but it looks pretty sharp.

The Dark Knot Camden Lapel Pin ($29)

This May, The Dark Knot brings you a microfiber lapel flower. Add this to your suit, so you can look damn good on date night or impress the other wedding guests. Remember to always place the pin on your left lapel next to your pocket square.

Woodchuck USA Wooden Coasters ($35)

Woodchuck USA brings you Jim Beam Black wooden coasters, an exclusive for Gentleman’s Box members. Rest your beverage on top of these handcrafted coasters made from 100% sustainably sourced walnut wood.

Normally I’m not one for branded goods, but I actually really love these. And they fit the theme perfectly.

AJ Murray’s Kentucky Bourbon Lotion ($4)

This month AJ Murray’s brings you their Kentucky Bourbon lotion. Made from organic ingredients, this lotion will keep your skin hydrated without feeling sticky or greasy. This lotion is made with base notes of vetiver, and cedar blend with bourbon, cognac, palmarosa, and rose.

Wow, they are killing the theme this month. They didn’t miss a beat. Kentucky Bourbon lotion? Could it be any more perfect?

Jim Beam Black Ice Tray

Take your bourbon sipping to the next level with this exclusive Jim Beam black ice tray. Large ice cubes melt slowly and prevent minimal dilution. As the ice melts it makes the flavours of bourbon bloom. So pour yourself a glass of your favourite drink and throw in an ice cube to chill it to perfection.

I don’t even like bourbon, but all the awesome goodies in this box are making me want to go out and purchase a bottle……is that weird?

Gentleman’s Box Review May 2017 – Final Thoughts

I have to say, I am really loving this month’s Gentleman’s Box. I think they just might take over the top spot on my favourite men’s subscription box list. I like that they partnered with such a well-known company this month. It’s adds another element of excitement to the box and switches things up without rocking the feel of the subscription box too much. I also really love the curation of the box. The items go together perfectly. They have just the right amount of class, and are trendy at the same time. I definitely felt the Southern Gentlemen theme throughout the entire box. Gentleman’s Boxes gets a big ol’ A+ from me this month.





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