Gentleman’s Box Review November 2017

Gentleman’s Box is a subscription box that caters to the modern gentleman. Each month honors a noteworthy gentleman from the past or present. Items in their subscription box for men are hand selected to reflect the carefully crafted image of that month’s honored gentleman. Four to five products, including a subscription to GQ magazine, arrive at your doorstep monthly. They kindly sent us this box to review. 

I’m not sure if you saw last month’s Gentleman’s Box review but it was probably one of my favourite thus far. The theme was ah-mazing! I like to see subscription box companies embrace the season and they certainly did that. Not only the season but the month, the holiday, the movie releases, you name it. I was super impressed!

Subscription Details

Gentleman’s Box has recently made some changes to their subscription offering. They now have 3 subscriptions to choose from:

  1. Monthly Subscription – $25 per month
  2. Sock of the Month – $12 per month
  3. Tie of the Month – $15 per month

Here’s a closer look at the November Box…..

November Theme

The November box is honouring “Our Favourite Bearded Park Director”. This month’s honouree starred in the hit TV show Parks and Recreation.

Barnaby Shop Socks ($12)

Barnaby was first created by a few guys in Melbourne in 2013. Their idea was simple: transform the everyday pair of socks. Cool colors, smashing designs, remarkable quality, epic packaging, and a hand-stitched button to keep them together.

How can you not love these socks. The packaging is fun and the details are amazing. The button is genius, what a great way to keep your socks together. I want buttons on all of my socks! I hope to see this brand in future boxes.

Air Taylor Tie ($30)

In this month’s box, we have partnered with Air Taylor to offer an exclusive navy tie with an orange floral design that complements the other accessories in this month’s box.

I’m really happy with the fabric of this tie, it feels soft and sturdy. I’m also really happy with the color. Navy is perfect for Winter and a nice change from black.

Oak & Stone Manicure Set ($25)

This November, we help bring awareness to people affected by cancer. The leather case boasts a blue jay color that symbolizes awareness for colon cancer. This manicure set includes a cuticle cleaner, small nail clippers, scissors, nail file and tweezers that are made of stainless steel.

EVERY guys needs a manicure set. I never thought I would hear myself saying that, but it’s true. The BF is constantly asking me for tweezers or nail clippers. Now he has his own set and I won’t have to share mine.

Brooklyn Strong Mustache Cufflinks ($23)

Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Strong is committed to upholding their high fashion roots. In honour of No-Shave November, we have partnered with the team at Brooklyn Strong to produce these unique moustache cufflinks. The navy touch adds a pop of colors to your outfit and complements the theme for this month’s box.

I’m super happy to see a hint of Movember in this month’s Gentleman’s Box. And…..these are probably the best cufflinks we have ever received. I love them even more because the color matches the socks and the tie.

Brooklyn Strong Tie Clip ($16)

Working with Brooklyn Strong again, we feature an orange tie bar that complements the design and pattern in your tie while adding a pop of color to your outfit. The tie measures almost 2″ in length and allows for a versatile tie bar length. This tie bar slides right on allowing for a flush look on your tie.

Normally I’m not a fan of orange but this tie clip pairs perfectly with the tie. If you are going to wear orange, pair it with navy. It’s the perfect combo.

Air Tailor

Air Tailor is a reliable, forward-thinking tailoring solution that streamlines fit and provides expert alteration and repair services for consumers and retailers. We are revolutionizing the way clothes fit. 

This is intriguing. Air Taylor is on online alteration service. Everything is set up via text, just let them know what you need altered, then pop your stuff in the mail and get it back 5 days later. I think they are only servicing the US right now, but if something like this existed in Canada I would definitely test it out.

Gentleman’s Box Review November 2017 – Final Thoughts

Gentleman’s Box does an amazing job month after month. I’ve never been disappointed with any of the boxes I have received. And I have been reviewing them for quite some time, at least 2 or 3 years now. The November box has a really great mixture of products. The theme is appropriate for the time of year (Movember), the suit accessories complement each other perfectly, they included just the right amount of Movember themed items, and they introduced me to a really awesome new service. I feel very satisfied after unboxing the November GB. They covered all their bases and provided great value…….what more can you ask for?!


Gentleman’s Box

Gentleman's Box is a premier subscription box designed for the modern man. Each month's unique theme provides products that are sure to impress.

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