Gifted On Paper Review February 2018

Gifted On Paper is a monthly subscription gift box full of the cutest and most creative gift wrapping pieces including gift bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper, cards, and the cutest little gift tags. If you are anything like me, you love a nicely wrapped gift to give a loved one. It is all about the presentation right?!

February is all about Valentine’s Day, which is the perfect occasion to give a small gift beautifully wrapped! The uniqueness of each individual item will show just how much effort was put into creating something special.

Gift Tags

I love attaching little gift tags to any sort of gift, whether it is a box of sweets or a beautifully wrapped gift, a small tag adds so much. I especially love these little white tags with the adorable heart buttons!

Paper Florals

These hand made paper florals are absolutely adorable! You can stick them on the top of a present, on a card, or even on the gift itself if you chose to not even wrap it. All handmade with love, these little pieces are one of a kind.


Who doesn’t love all things ribbon?! Gifted On Paper gives you lots of options from the wide sheer red ribbon to thinner solid colors to even dainty string, all are so fun to work with! I love putting ribbon on children’s gifts because it really makes them take their time opening the gift!

Gift Cards

Everyone loves a nice handwritten card in their mailbox. The days of mail are back and what better to give than a gorgeous handmade card. I collect cards and save them for just the right person, a simple hello is always welcomed. For February, these cards are perfect for a little love note.

Gift Bags

I have never met someone who doesn’t love gift bags. These 3 adorable and fun gift bags are great for any size gift you are giving this month. I especially love that small paper bag with the heart stamp on it!

Gift Box

I often give baked goods as gifts, and this colorful box is the perfect wrapping to do that in! It also comes with a little tag attached for a sweet note.

Tissue & Wrapping Paper

Finally, and something every gift giver needs is tissue and wrapping paper. Gifted On Paper has 3 different tissues to choose from, I always love mixing and matching prints and colors in the same bag! You can also wrap your item in just tissue and then seal it with the beautiful ribbon that was included in this box. The back piece is actually wrapping paper, how adorable is that print? I am a big brown paper lover, so the pink design on the paper is perfection to me.

Gifted On Paper Review February 2018 – Final Thoughts

What an amazing box to review in February. If you are creative or a crafter like I am you will absolutely love Gifted On Paper! I am always browsing to find the most unique wrapping supplies and this box covers it all from cards to the total package wrapped up tight and tied with a bow! February is all about showing love, with any gift wrapped in these supplied your receiver will sure feel loved!

Stesha Rose –




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