GlobeIn Benefit Basket Review July 2016

GlobeIn Benefit Basket Review July 2016

GlobeIn Benefit Basket Review July 2016 – Today’s GlobeIn review is a little different than usual. Normally I review the Artisan Box (coming soon) but this month I also get to review their Benefit Basket. If you have been thinking about subscribing to GlobeIn, but haven’t taken the plunge, this would be a great starter box. It contains one item, plus their signature handwoven basket, each month which means it’s less expensive than the Artisan Box.

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GlobeIn Details

If you aren’t familiar with the GlobeIn Benefit Basket it is a monthly subscription box featuring favorite products from global artisans. Each month, they deliver one delightful handcrafted good nestled inside their signature, handwoven basket. This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

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The Box: GlobeIn Benefit Basket

Cost: $19.95 per month

What You Get: Each month, they deliver one delightful handcrafted good nestled inside their signature, handwoven basket.

Ships to: Worldwide

Shipping Cost: FREE to US, $12 to Canada, $15 International

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Shipping Details

This month’s GlobeIn delivery showed up in a new box. I use to receive white boxes (if I remember correctly) then they changes to big brown mailing boxes, and now we have a pretty green logo’d box. They always include a little product booklet, and it’s actually pretty awesome because they tell you where the item came from, who made it, and how they came to be an artist. Here’s a little more info on the actual shipping process:

“Boxes ship around the 18th of each month. The exact day boxes go out varies since our boxes are shipped in batches. Some boxes take longer to leave our warehouse if there are add-on items or special packaging that needs to be included with your box.”



Heart Dish (Hebron Glass)

Hebron Glass was established in 1890 and is a family company. They employ 60 artisans who receive fair wages and have sustainable work. The ornate, hand-pained floral design on your new plate is an aesthetic staple of Palestinian heritage. Fill your plate with a side dish or sweet – or simply keep on your table as a decorative splash of Middle Eastern flare.

I just happen to be obsessed with hearts. The last thing I received from my Mom was a pretty little, gold heart necklace. So I now consider them lucky and look for them in random places. I’ve found rocks, tomatoes, imprints in the sand, a heart shaped hole in my toast, etc. Sorry to ramble, but I wanted to give you a reason as to why I love this little dish so much. I think this is my favourite item from GlobeIn thus far and I will DEFINITELY be using it. I will probably keep it on my desk or dresser and use it to hold my jewelry.

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GlobeIn Benefit Basket Review July 2016 – Final Thoughts

For my first Benefit Basket I am pretty impressed. They won me over with the pretty little heart-shaped dish. I can definitely see it becoming a new favorite. The Benefit Basket is obviously a little more expensive for us Canadians due to the $12 shipping cost, but even with that I still think it is a good deal. But then again, I am one of those people who believes you can’t really put a price on handmade items like this. They are unique, gorgeous, high-quality, and you definitely wouldn’t find them at the mall. I already love their Artisan Box, and now I love their Benefit Basket as well.


GlobeIn Artisan Box

The Artisan Box offers a themed collection of 4-5 hand-crafted items. Each item comes along with a printed story about the artisan who made it. Our goal is to help […]

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