Good Luck Sock Review June 2017

Good Luck Sock is a Sock of the Month Club. Delivering funky socks to your mailbox every month.  What You Get: 1 pair of socks each month.  Good Luck Sock offers men and women’s socks in either crew cut or active wear.  They have sent us a pair of socks from all four of their options and I can’t wait to walk through each one with you!  I really didn’t think I could get this excited about socks, but I totally did.

Men’s Crew

I am loving these purple rooster socks!  They are just too funny.  I can’t believe what guys can get away with on their socks.  If someone received this subscription and wears a suit to the office every day, please wear these and snap a photo of it, because I think that would be down right awesome!

Men’s Active Wear

This monkey graphic is so funny!  The fabric of these are perfect for active sports or running.

Women’s Active

Umm… These are the cutest and I may have let out a high-pitched squealing sound when I pulled them out of the envelope!  I am absolutely in love with these!  Again, the fabric is nice and stretchy and perfect for those active days or for just kicking around the house, cactus style.

Women’s Crew

Ok, so I may have lost my mind when I pulled these ones out!  I can’t even. Dachshunds seem to be making an appearance everywhere.  They seem to be the ‘trendy dog’.  .  .  Bentley may or may not make an appearance in the photos to prove how cute these socks are and how everyone needs a little more dachshund in their life.

Good Luck Sock June 2017 – Final Thoughts

I’m floored.  It is impressive that Good Luck Sock gave us a sampling of each of their subscriptions for you to see.  When you sign up you get to choose from one of the above, Men’s Active, Men’s Crew, Women’s Active or Women’s Crew, but really, they are all winners.  I loved every pair.  I don’t know what it is about receiving socks in the mail, but I’m totally in love with the idea.  Keep’em coming.  Every time I get a pair of socks I immediately want to put them on and dance around my house to 80’s music.  Anyone else?  Just me?…. That’s ok, I’m confident enough to be the only one.  Good Luck Socks is pushing its way to the top of my favourites for sock subscriptions here.  If they treat me to another review next month I may just have my socks knocked off!  Loved what you saw here but didn’t sign up in time?  No worries, just head over to their site and purchase the socks individually.  Get a pair of dachshund ones and then we can all dance to 80’s music together with the cutest dog ever all over your feet!





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