Gramma in a Box Review April 2019

The boys already ask about the cookies we’ve been decorating each month, especially when they see the cute red box arrive in the mail. That’s because Gramma in a Box gives us everything we need to create some amazing memories with the kiddos.

The monthly Gramma in a Box subscription starts at $20 per month.

I have to confess, up until I started receiving this box I had only decorated cookies with them twice, once at a birthday party and another time when my sister-in-law planned it during Christmas.

Thanks to Gramma in a Box, I can plan at least one afternoon of decorating cookies and making 2 more candy crafts with my two older boys, Will and Wes ages 5 and almost 3.

Each month we receive a box that’s packed beautifully, everything in a separate container.

This month the box is themed for Spring and Easter, obviously. Filled with goodies to munch and create!

In every box you get a welcome card, a list of all the items included and each project has its own card, listing the ingredients you’ll need and step by step instructions, with photos and tips from Gramma herself!

First Candy Craft

The first project was some fun marshmallows flower pops. Using the melting chocolate as a base, a cake pop stick, an m&m for the center and masrshmallows for the petals. I know my middle one, Wesley will really enjoy this one.

Second Candy Craft

The second candy craft was delicious! It was crunchy bird’s nests using the rest of the melting chocolate, rice noodles and jelly beans. The combination of the chocolate and the rice noodles was amazing!

Third Craft: Spring Cookie Decorating!

One of the best perks of Gramma in a Box is that you get 8 baked cookies ready to be frosted and sprinkled and 3 icing bags ready to be used! You just have to warm the bag in your hand a little and snip the bottom. In this box we got pink, blue, and yellow icing, yellow and blue sugar, and rainbow shimmies. For the cookies we got 4 small cookies, 2 egg shaped, 2 bunnies, 2 large bird shaped and 2 large egg shaped cookies. So much fun! This is my kid’s favorite part, of course.

Gramma in a Box is such a fun box for the whole family!

Lucia Metcalf –




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