Gramma in a Box Review August 2019

Gramma in a Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers cookies, candy crafts and almost all the supplies you need to make up to 20 edible treats. They take the time to prep, bake, portion and sleeve frosting for you to just snip and decorate with your family. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Gramma in a Box is $20 a month and you can get the first box for only $10! This is my family’s favorite, my kids love to decorate and eat with me. There are 3 candy crafts to make, all different each month and with a different theme.

August’s Gramma in a Box theme was the beach party treats! We received:

  • Marshmallows
  • Pretzels
  • Goldfish
  • Blue and white melting chocolate
  • Fish and shell small shaped chocolates
  • Blue and yellow sugar
  • Sprinkles and shimmies
  • White pearl shimmies
  • 8 cookies, sea shell, fish and sea star shaped
  • Mint green, peach and white colored frosting
  • Graham cracker crumbs
  • 2 sheets of wax paper to work on

Each project has photos and detailed instructions for you to follow easily.

Project 1: Goldfish Bowls

For this we needed the marshmallows, the melting chocolate, the graham cracker crumbs and the goldfish. We had to melt the chocolate and dip the marshmallows halfway, then dip it in the crumbs and stick some goldfish to it making it look like fish swimming inside their bowl, so stinking cute!

Project 2: Seashell Pretzels

Using the remaining of the melting chocolate, we dipped the pretzels in it with the help of a fork, then stuck a chocolate shell or two and sprinkled the white pearls. They looked and tasted amazing.

Project 3: Sea Life Cookie Decorating

This is usually my boys’ favorite part. We went to town decorating the seashells, fish and stars! Made a mess on top of the wax paper and it was super easy for me to clean up! The cookies were buttery soft and stayed fresh and yummy.

I absolutely love Gramma in a Box and look forward to decorating and making memories with my kiddos every month. I don’t think I’d make 3 different candy crafts and cookies if it wasn’t for Gramma in a Box!

Lucia –




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