Gramma in a Box Review February 2019

February is in full swing and Valentine’s Day came and went so fast! Did you do something fun? We couldn’t unfortunately, we had 3 sick kiddos all week!

One thing we did get to do was some cookie decorating and candy crafts courtesy of Gramma in a Box! My oldest two boys really enjoy the projects that come in this crafty subscription box and they usually devour the cookies as soon as they’re frosted.

This time around I saved some for our neighbors and they loved them!

February’s Gramma in a Box theme was love, naturally. And the box came jam packed with hearts and all things red and pink.

Here’s what we got inside the February Gramma in a Box:

What You Get: Each month your box will include 8 baked sugar cookies, 3 color frostings, several containers of sprinkles along with the ingredients to make two candy crafts. Each month the box has a theme, such as Halloween or Valentine’s Day. The candy crafts are simple projects such as dipped pretzels, marshmallow pops or candy bark. Detailed instruction sheets are included for each of the 3 projects and include color photographs.

Let’s dive into the contents!

Project 1: Valentine Candy Cane Hearts

For this craft we had to use the candy canes and popsicle sticks and put them together forming a heart shape. Then, using half of the melting chocolate, we filled in the heart and then topped it with some jimmies and sprinkles and 1-2 conversation heart! They came out super cute!

Project 2: Crispy Valentine Hearts

For this project we used the remaining chocolate, mixed in the cereal and made little spoon fulls to fill in the mini cupcake cups, and then went to town topping them with sprinkles and hearts.

Project 3: Valentine Cookies

This is my kids’ favorite craft! They get super excited and eat them up even before the frosting is dry. Since they’re 5 and 2 and 1/2 I have to help them frost the cookies and then they decorate them with toppings. My 2 1/2 year old dumps the whole sprinkle container on them, while my 5 year old is more spare, but both love doing it and enjoy the time with mama.

Gramma in a Box Review February 2019 – Final Thoughts

What makes Gramma in a Box so special is the amount of time and mess we save. As a mom of three (my youngest is 9 months old) I don’t always have time to make cookie dough, shape, bake and prepare colored frosting. Gramma in a Box provides you even the surface to work on! You don’t have to buy extra supplies, clean up after making dough or frosting, or run to the store because we forgot something. We get everything we need to create some beautiful memories with our little ones!

Lucia Metcalf –




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