Gramma in a Box Review January 2019

It’s a New Year and that means a lot of New Year themed boxes coming to our doorstep! That’s no different for this sweet subscription box Gramma in a Box!

This is a subscription curated by a real grandmother that bakes cookies and thinks of all the little things we’d need to make some stress and mess free candy crafts with our families.

This box cuts the time that would take to prep and bake cookies, prep and bag frosting and shop and store all the other ingredients. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Therefore, when you sub to Gramma in a Box you pay only $20 and you get all you need for 3 amazing candy crafts!

January brought not only New Year’s celebrations but also Game Day prep!

As usual, we get 3 candy crafts to make including decorating cookies! In each box, you’ll receive 8-9 already baked cookies, a ton of goodies to decorate them and 2 more candy crafts.

In this box we got:

  • 9 sugar cookies, including 2 football shaped chocolate cookies
  • 3 frosting sleeves, colors yellow, blue and white.
  • 3 types of sprinkles
  • melting white chocolate
  • pretzel rods
  • a pack of popcorn and pretzel sticks
  • peanuts
  • dried cranberries, mini m&ms and covered
  • recipe and instruction cards
  • wax paper

Gramma in a Box really thinks of everything! They include tips and even wax paper to use as a surface to work on.

The three projects on this box were:

Decorating cookies for 2019 and Game day. We got 9 cookies to decorate with the 3 frostings and the rainbow and blue glitter sprinkles. My kids went straight for this craft and devoured the cookies as soon as they were decorated!

The second project was New Year’s Sparkles. We had to use the pretzel rods and the white chocolate and the candy sprinkles and create sparkles to eat! I thought this was very original and will be making them again!

The third project was a Game Day crunch and it was delicious. We used the popcorn and pretzel sticks, mix the peanuts, dried cranberries, m&ms and the candy coated sunflower seeds and pour over the white melted chocolate. Spread over the wax paper and let it dry and then break to create sort of a trail mix. This was so good and I ate it during movie time.

Another awesome and fun month by Gramma in a Box!

Lucia Metcalf –




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