Gramma in a Box Review June 2019

June’s Gramma in a Box was taken from my hands by two little minions as soon as it arrived. Both my 5, and almost 3 year old, recognize the red box and know it’s full of yummy and fun treats. Cookies! Cookies! They screamed. They barely gave me time to snap some photos for this review before their chubby little hands got involved.

As per usual, the red box comes with some stickers on the top that give us a little hint of the theme inside. Gramma in a Box is only $20 a month and you can get the first box for $10 with the coupon code “10OFF” on a 3-month subscription.

This month’s Gramma in a Box theme is minions and emojis. For some reason I didn’t receive any of the recipe and product cards but I checked online to have a better idea of what the projects were. If you go to Gramma in a Box Instagram, you’ll see speed demos of each project and sneak peeks.

This is everything we received in the box:

  • 8 cookies, 4 oval shaped to make minions and 4 round and scalloped ones to make emojis
  • 3 frosting colors in their sleeves: yellow, red and blue
  • Marshmallows and pop sticks
  • Sprinkles in brown and blue
  • Sugar in yellow and blue
  • An assortment of shapes like glasses, mustaches and eyes to make emojis and minions
  • Yellow melting chocolate
  • Rice crispies – regular and chocolate flavor
  • Mini cupcake cups
  • Two sheets of parchment paper to work on

First Project: Emoji Pops

The first project was a really fun one. It was emoji pops. You had to stick the pop stick into the marshmallow with a little chocolate, and then dip the whole marshmallow into the yellow chocolate, then you could decorate it with the assortment of little facial shapes.

Second Project: Minion Treats

With the rest of the melted chocolate you add the rice crispies and you pour it into each cupcake cup. Then you sprinkle blue sprinkles and any other toppings that you want on top. As usual these type of treats are delicious.

Third Project: Minion and Emoji Cookies

The third project is my kid’s favorite, as usual and as you may know. I usually frost the cookies and theY sprinkle the sugar and the rest of the sprinkles on top, and then subsequently and immediately they eat them. Since I didn’t have the product cards I had forgotten that we had to do emoji faces so instead I did one with the American flag with a couple stars that were there but we had a lot of fun, as we do every month.

June’s Gramma in a Box took the gloom out of June and brought smiley faces and funny giggles to everyone at home! Another box full of joy and delicious crafts to make and remember forever.

Lucia Metcalf –




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