Gramma in a Box Review September 2019

Gramma in a Box is a fun monthly subscription box that delivers three candy and decorating crafts to make with your little ones. You will receive all the edible supplies you need to make up to 20 edible treats in each box.

What You Get: Each month your box will include 8 baked sugar cookies, 3 color frostings, several containers of sprinkles along with the ingredients to make two candy crafts. Each month the box has a theme, such as Halloween or Valentine’s Day. The candy crafts are simple projects such as dipped pretzels, marshmallow pops or candy bark. Detailed instruction sheets are included for each of the 3 projects and include color photographs.

September’s box was all about back to school. We got three crafts to make including one main cookie project that included 8 baked cookies in the shape of letters and apples.

September Box Contents:

  • wafer cookies
  • melting chocolate
  • blue and red sugar
  • 4 chocolate chips
  • leaf toppings
  • pretzel sticks
  • marshmallows
  • 8 baked cookies ready to decorate
  • 3 tubes of assorted frosting colors
  • 2 pieces of wax paper to use as work surface
  • assorted colored jimmies and sprinkles

The box includes cards with directions for each craft and notes from Gramma to make the most of it!

Project 1: Wafer Pencils

Using part of the melting chocolate, we melt it and then dip the tip of the wafer cookie and add the chocolate chip to the tip. We dip the other end on the chocolate in the red sugar. Voila, we have wafer pencils, yum!

Project 2: Teacher’s Apples

This is a fun one! We dip the marshmallows in the remainder of the chocolate, using the cake pop stick if needed, and then dip it in the red sugar. Stick the pretzel and add the leaf and you have 6 cute and yummy apples! So creative!

Project 3: Back to School Cookies

This is usually the craft we do together with my kiddos. I help them put the frosting on and they go all out with the sprinkles. The cookies were packed air tight and were delicious! They were moist and sweet, just perfect. We had A, B, C and mini apple shaped cookies.

The frosting was perfect, you just had to snip the end of the tube and they were ready to use. This is one of my favorite parts of the box because as a busy mom of 3 I don’t have that much time to make frosting and color it in three different colors.

All the other ingredients were individually packed and labeled making super easy to understand and follow directions.

Overall, Gramma in a Box is great for parents, grandparents and even aunts and uncles that want to have some memory making time with the little ones. It also works perfectly for pre-teens and teens, because who doesn’t like cookies and candy? This box provides everything you need for a stress-free time of crafting candies and sweets and enjoying quality time with your favorite people.

My boys really enjoyed it! We have done the cookies so far and they loved pouring the sprinkles on top. I did most of the frosting but it was fun for me as well!

Lucia –




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