Graze 4 Snack Variety Sampler Box Review December 2018

Graze is a snack subscription box that delivers a customized set of wholesome, pre-portioned snacks to your doorstep on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. With over 100 different snacks available, you’re sure to find a healthy snack you love! Graze kindly sent me their 4 snack variety sampler box to review for December.

Subscription Details

Box Details: Graze offers over 100 delicious, healthy, and wholesome snacks, which you can rate to help tailor your box. Though you cannot explicitly select the snacks you want to receive each month, you can rate each item as well as select your taste and dietary preferences (ie. No dairy, no peanut butter, etc.) that will help them choose which items to send you in your box.

For subscribers with food allergies or sensitivities, it’s easy to opt out of receiving certain snacks or certain ingredients.

You’ll receive an 8 snack variety box on a bi-weekly basis, but you can manage your preferences if you’d like to receive it weekly or monthly instead!

Subscription Plans:

  • 8 Snack Variety Box: $13.99 per box with free shipping

Here’s a closer look at the items I received this month….

Included in your box is an informational sheet that includes Nutritional Facts and the list of ingredients for all of the snacks you received.

Sweet Memphis Barbecue

Sweet Memphis Barbecue is a newly created snack that contains barbecue peas, salsa peanuts, and wild rice sticks. Upon opening up this packet, I was hit with an intense and flavorful barbecue smell. The barbecue peas have a smoky flavor that’s both sweet and savory while the salsa peanuts gave the snack a small spicy kick. All of the ingredients have a crunch factor to them that I really enjoyed and overall, this snack was very tasty!

Cinnamon Apple Pie

Cinnamon Apple Pie contains cinnamon dusted apple pieces, yogurt coated raisins, and blanched almonds. The dried apple pieces were so soft, even though I think they’re meant to be crunchy. I felt like these items didn’t pair well together – the blanched almonds didn’t really complement or give the illusion of an apple pie in any way nor did the yogurt coated raisins. Though, they tasted decent on their own. The yogurt coated raisins tasted so sweet and delicious making them the star of the show.

White Chocolate Dip and Wild Blueberry Toast

The White Chocolate Dip and Wild Blueberry Toast has been the BEST dessert snack I’ve tasted from Graze so far. It comes with mini pieces of toasted blueberry bagel with a rich and creamy white chocolate dip. Plus, it’s all less than 130 calories!

Honeycomb Crunch

The Honeycomb Crunch was another delicious snack I loved from this month’s box. It contains milk chocolate coated honeycomb pieces, almonds and raisins. The majority of the snack, the almonds and raisins, were very basic, but they helped give me an energy boost during my 4PM workday break. The milk chocolate honeycomb pieces, however, were BOMB. The honeycomb was crunchy and sweet making it taste just like candy. I’d buy a whole bag of just the milk chocolate honeycomb if I could!

Lastly, hidden beneath the snacks is a sticker sheet with vibrant fruits and veggies, and other fun sticker designs.

Graze 4 Snack Variety Sampler Box Review December 2018 – Final Thoughts

As always, this month’s Graze sampler was filled with delicious snacks. A lot of these snacks felt like dessert and I’m amazed at how Graze can make wholesome and healthy taste so yummy! Each treat comes in its own pre-portioned container making it convenient to bring to work or on-the-go.

I enjoyed most of the snacks this month, but the Honeycomb Crunch and the White Chocolate Dip and Wild Blueberry Toast were my favorites!

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