Grounded Goods Review March 2018

Grounded Goods is a monthly subscription of products sourced from farms and companies that are committed to regenerative farming. Each month, you’ll get a box of beyond-organic food items, body care products and household goods whose raw ingredients were grown on regenerative farms, helping to restore ecosystems and slow down climate change! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Yes! This is what I like to see. Grounded Goods is a brand new subscription box and they are shaking up the subscription world. They have only been shipping since January of this year and they offer a unique subscription box – products sourced from farms and companies that are committed to regenerative farming.

This is amazing and I’m guessing we will start to see more subscription boxes like this in the near future. Subscription boxes that focus on more than just “things”. Subscription boxes that support a cause and help promote conscious living. I am beyond excited!

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Grounded Goods subscription you can choose to receive a one-time box or a monthly subscription.

  • Once a month, you’ll receive a box packed full of regeneratively produced, nutrient-dense food items and other goods right at your doorstep.
  • Our monthly shipments go out the first week of the month, around the 7th. Domestic orders in the United States usually take 1-3 days to arrive. 
  • The cut-off date for receiving the following month’s box is the last day of the month. 
  • For a monthly subscription, you are rebilled mid-month, after you receive your box.
What is Regenerative Farming

Regenerative farming refers to farming practices that actually improve ecosystem and soil health, rather than depleting it. It it better-than-organic, because the organic certification simply indicates the absence of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, but does not guarantee that the farmer is improving soil health. Regenerative farming, by definition, builds healthy soil. And because healthy soil can pull down and store massive amounts of carbon from the atmosphere, regenerative farming practices contribute to slowing down global climate change.

Regenerative farming practices include minimal tilling or not tilling at all; increasing fertility through cover crops, crop rotations, compost, and animal manures instead of chemical fertilizers; well-managed animal grazing systems; and agroforestry, where trees and shrubs are deliberately integrated with crops and livestock.

March Details: Chocolate Lover

No wonder that, in South America, cacao is called “food of the gods”. Few foods feel as indulgent and luxurious as chocolate, but it also has health benefits, like high nutrient and antioxidant content. We at Grounded Goods set the bar really high (pun intended): the chocolate cacao in this box is best in the world and best for the world: it is sourced from artisanal chocolate companies committed to fair trade and ecological regeneration at the cacao farms.

Ummmm…..a box full of chocolate?! Are you kidding me?! For my first Grounded Goods review there couldn’t have been a better  box to start with. I’m already a fan!

Here’s a closer look at the items we received in the March Grounded Goods box….

Cacoco Rich Dark Drinking Chocolate

Drinking chocolate hand-crafted from heirloom cacao grown on organic and regenerative farms in Ecuador. Just add hot water, or enjoy in smoothies. Vegan-friendly.

This is fun! I can definitely see myself using this in smoothies. I’m thinking banana, peanut butter and a scoop of this. How good would that be!

Nova Chocolate Dark Chocolate Ganache

Made with select blend of Nicaraguan & Ecuadorian cacao, organic filtered coconut oil, and organic cane sugar. Eat straight out of the jar, pour it over your favourite ice cream or add it to sauces. Vegan friendly.

Eat straight out of the jar? They are speaking my language. I like to stick to a pretty healthy meal plan, but we all have days that require comfy pjs, romantic comedies and a jar of chocolate….am I right?

Nova Chocolate Ecuador 80% Single-Origin Bar

The cacao for this bar comes from a regenerative cacao farmer cooperative, Eco-Cacao, in northwest coastal Ecuador. Vegan friendly.

French Broad Chocolate

2015 Good Food Awards winner! Crafted with heirloom varietals of cacao. Vegan friendly.

Original Beans Papua Kerafat 68% Chocolate Bar

This bar, with hints of pear and dried fruit, is made from “Dutch” cacao that Original Beans rediscovered in Indonesia. Vegan friendly.

They rounded out the box with 3 bars of quality chocolate and I couldn’t be happier. If you read my reviews on a regular basis you will know how much I appreciate quality chocolate and how much I love receiving it in my subscription boxes. I rarely purchase chocolate from the store….if ever… when I receive it in a box it feels like a special treat. I am going to put all three bars in the freezer and enjoy a piece when the mood hits.

Alter Ego Organic Dark Mint Truffles

Alter Ego is a leading brand exploring carbon-neutral supply chains and supporting beyond-organic farming. The wrappers for the chocolate are compostable.

Lastly we have a few little mint truffles. I’m a huge fan of mint and chocolate together so these are a welcome addition to the box. And…..they are the perfect little bite-size treats to enjoy with my tea before bed.

Grounded Goods Review March 2018 – Final Thoughts

As I mentioned above, this is my first time reviewing Grounded Goods and for my very first box I am impressed. Not only did we start things off with an amazing theme, but I am also very impressed with the idea behind this box. I grew up on a farm and plan on having a small one of my own in the next few years (mostly fruit trees and a garden) so I appreciate what Grounded Goods is striving to do. They support a great cause and promote a great message. Not to mention the fact that the price point is reasonable, and for my first box I received some amazing products. I can’t wait to see more……





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