Harrison Blake Apparel Review April 2017

Harrison Blake Apparel is a monthly subscription for the dapper gentleman. Each box contains a necktie and 4 additional accessories, each of which are exclusive only to Harrison Blake Apparel. They kindly sent us this box for review.

We have been reviewing Harrison Blake for a little while now and their constancy and quality has been really consistent.  Though this is my first review of them I would encourage you to look back at Sarah’s posts to get a well rounded view of our opinion and their product.  I was really impressed with how many items were in this package!  Twice I thought I had pulled everything out of the bag and photographed it only to discover there was yet another item.   The last item to slide out is my absolute favourite!…

Stainless Steel Ring

I almost missed this little guy completely!  I looked back in the bag for the index card explaining all the items and this beauty fell out!  I immediately placed it on my thumb and it hasn’t left since.  Being stainless steel the metal doesn’t bother my skin and the texture of the ring is really smooth.  The pattern itself is so appealing to me!  Though it is a mans ring I’m really enjoying the style of it and it complements the other rings I wear.  I also received complements on it from a couple guys the first day I wore it.

Baseball Cap

Now that spring is officially here I’m pulling out the ball caps a little more often and I have to say I love it!  A guy can never have enough ball caps… neither can girls.

No Show/Boat Socks

These are my absolute favourite type of socks to wear!  Love the flag pattern.  They are also super soft and have really good stretch to them.  I find with most mens boxes the items tend to be a little fancier and not your every day wear.  These socks are the perfect casual item.

Foldable Water Bottle

Love folding water bottles!  These are perfect for traveling as they don’t take up too much space.  Water bottles are another thing you can just never have enough of.

Plaid Cotton Pocket Square

This pocket square is so Scottish!  Love it.  The fabric itself is quite stiff, so it’s sure to hold its shape no mater how you want to fold it.

Anchor Necktie

Ah!  So cute!!  Love the anchors and the colour.  Nautical items are definitely still in and you can never go wrong with anchors anyway.  So cute.

Harrison Blake Apparel Review April 2017 – Final Thoughts

I think this might be my favourite mens box thus far!  I really liked the mix of casual items and dressy items.  The whole box feels really useful and fun.  The ring tops the charts as my favourite item and the necktie is a very close second.  This is such a great box for any guy, whether you’re in construction or finance.  Harrison Blake has done such a great job this month of making sure you’ve got your Monday Morning and Friday Afternoon covered.  The total value of this box is $117!  Wow!  Such good value.  If you’re looking for a more safe box to try out, not to fancy, not too casual, Harrison Blake is the perfect place to start.





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