Holly Journals Review March 2017

Holly Journals is a subscription box for monthly themed, unique, handmade journals with other coordinating treasures to inspire and encourage your journaling adventures! They kindly sent us this box for review.

When Sarah handed me this box to review she handed it to me like she was giving me something very precious and important.  She also told me a bit about her experience with Holly Journals and how much she adored the box.  She asked me, “Do you want me to show you a couple of the journals I’ve received or do you want to be surprised.”  “I want to be surprised.” I said.  Wow.  Was I ever.  I have to apologize for the amount of images on this post, because I felt like every step and item was beautiful enough to document.  I have to say,  I’m a little in awe.

Each box contains a hand-made journal, a list of journaling prompts to get you going, journal jewellery, a unique pen and embellishment pack.  There are also a couple of bonus gifts.

I even feel a little shaky and excited now as I’m reviewing this.  Maybe that’s just the amount of coffee I’ve consumed in the past hour, but I think it also has to do with just how excited I am to share this box with you.

This month’s journal is focused on the book lovers.  It is not meant to be used up in a month, but savoured over time to log all the books you have read.  How quickly you fill this journal will be up to you.  Hopefully this journal will inspire you to do more reading and journaling!

I could cry…. Looking over the past posts for Holly Journals I can see each journal is uniquely different.  I’m telling you there could not have been a more perfect month for me to review this box.  A couple of years ago I made a New Years Resolution to read one classic novel a month.  Part of this resolution was to hunt out old prints of the classic novels I wanted to read.  I made a short list of twelve books, but fell so in love with reading, the hunt for the books and the richness of the stories that I ended up reading twenty books that year!  I now have an amazing collection of old fiction that are as dear to me as the characters portrayed in them.  I am a lover of books and wish so much that I had this journal the year I made the resolution.

I almost don’t want to take the journal out of this packaging, because it’s just too perfect.

Any envelope with a seal says adventure to me.  It’s all about the details.  This will be our embellishment pack.

Inside are a couple “Library” tags for your books.  They are so cute!

Our bonus item this month is coffee and coffee candy!  Perfect!  Did I mention I’m currently typing 90 words per minute on my coffee buzz?  I never sit down to read without a french press beside me.

Ok, let’s open the journal…

Holy crap….

The cover alone is breathtaking.  Beside it is a wooden bookmark.  I already feel transported into classic fiction looking at this journal.

Again, I’m just going to go ahead and apologize for the amount of photos on this post.

There is a rhythm and theme to how this book is laid out.  I love the small journaling cards tucked between the larger pages.  The wooden book mark is also so beautiful and really sets off the colour scheme of this journal.

Everything about this month’s theme seems to impress classic and classy.  I’m in love.  You can also see here a featured page for each book you’ve read.  Each new section of the journal starts off with this page.

Throughout the journal are quotes from different books and authors.  Love Jane Austen.  Our journal Jewellery this month is also very classic and classy.

Our unique pen this month is a fountain pen.  Included as well are two cartridges.  I’ve never used a fountain pen before.  Included in the box is a sheet instructing you how to use it and links to You-Tube videos.  So thankful for that.  This doesn’t seem like just a pen to me, it seems like a tool and I want to make sure I use it correctly.

Holly Journal March 2017 – Final Thoughts

Did I mention I could cry?  Cause I really could.  I cannot get over how beautiful and detailed and loving this box is.  I can’t believe it’s price point.  I actually can’t.  What a steal.  I couldn’t resist featuring a few of the books from my personal classic novel collection. I felt it was really the only way to show how this journal should be used.  If you are into journaling at all or know someone who is this is the perfect box.  I would highly recommend it as a one time gift or even a subscription for yourself or someone you know.  It really feels like you’re receiving a treasure, not a journal.





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  1. Sandra Montgomery says:

    Oh wow!! What an amazing box. And love the pen. This is so perfect for you!

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