Irish Taste Club Review April 2017

Each Irish Taste Club box contains six to eight carefully-selected Irish artisan products. With an ever-growing number of Irish artisan producers providing us with an increasing array of products, the variety in the box will always be something to savour. All of the products are produced on the island of Ireland by independent artisan producers, many of who are award winners. They kindly sent us this box for review.

We have not reviewed Irish Taste Club since May of last year.  Sarah felt really impressed with the box and found herself surprised when she enjoyed unwrapping all the unique items!  I’m looking forward to having my own experience with Irish Taste Club.

Packing is everything!  This burlap is fantastic!  It gives the feel of market goods and local fare.

Aine Handmade Chocolate

Aine handmade chocolate is the most luxurious-tasting handmade Irish chocolate there is.  All the products are handmade using Irish butter and cream, but best of all is that they are all gluten-free, and there is absolutely no added sugar to any Aine products!   We could not let Easter pass without sending you an Easter egg.

Though the Easter egg is a little late it is ever too late for chocolate!  I’m looking forward to cracking this egg open.  I’m so impressed it arrived all in one piece!  All the items in Irish Taste Club were wrapped really well and carefully.  Great attention to detail.

Connemara Seaweed Company

Dillisk is a red seaweed common in Irish waters and has the ability to inhibit the process that results in high blood pressure; it is also an excellent source of protein and vitamin B12, as well as rich in iron and calcium.

I’m super curious about this!  I don’t mind the taste of seaweed at all, but may not turn to it for an afternoon snack if you know what I mean.

Bell’s Belfast Tea

Four generations of Bell family have been producing teas of the finest quality since the company was founded in 1887, making them Ireland’s oldest independent tea importers and coffee roasters.

I’m always up for a good cup of tea!  What is it about Europe and the UK that just make everything taste better?!

Karen’s Cuisine

Karen, a chef for over 25 year has created a tasty range of gluten-free sauces to transform everyday meals.  Simply heat and pour over your favourite meal.  For this month I picked the Reform Sauce, an Irish twist on an original French sauce that is the ideal complement for a lamb meal.

I’m a big fan of sauces.  I’m not the best when it comes to spice combinations, so if someone can figure that out for me I’m all game to try something new!

Joe’s Farm Crisps

The Burns Family from East County Cock have built a business on their own farm growing, hand cooking and packaging their own potato and vegetable crisps.  We have shared Joe’s Farm Crisps with you before, but not the Beetroot and Parsnip flavoured ones, which are really addictive!

This is pretty exciting!  I love family run businesses and family run farms are even better.  These do sound really addictive.  I’m glad to see a returning product, as this shows attention to customer satisfaction.

Broderick Brothers

Barry and Bernard Broderick start off messing around in the kitchen, but ended up making some great bars and cakes and have now outgrown the kitchen and run a hugely-successful business producing some of the nicest snack bars and cakes you can get your hand on in Ireland.  We are bringing you a really good gluten-free yogurt, mango and papaya bar called Yummy Yoggy Mango Munchie.  As you can see from the name, these guys like to be different.

This looks so yummy!  The only problem with a box like this is after you eat the one you are going to want more and more and more!  I may just have to plan my next trip to Ireland!

Clare Jam Company

Based in the idyllic village of Doolin in Country Clare, Vera Muir, originally from Dublin, runs the Clare Jam Company as well as a little shop open for the tourist season promoting per products.  Her product list is vast, with 51 products in total and she makes them all herself with the help of her family in their purpose built kitchen.  

Having family from Britain mint jelly was not an odd thing to be on the table at certain meals.  I was never a big fan of it myself, but maybe that’s because I never found the right food to enjoy it on.

Irish Taste Club April 2017 – Final Thoughts

I really love destination boxes!  Being a big traveler I’m always curious about other cultures, their foods, tastes, traditions and likes or dislikes.  I like to be educated on these things, because the world is a big place and all too often we narrow it down to our little neck of the woods.  I feel like Irish Taste Club did a really good job of introducing me to some of the staple items and some of the treats enjoyed by the Irish!  All these items feel really useful or enjoyable to me, but they also stretch me out of my comfort zone in the kitchen.  The size of the box and items included felt really substantial and I was neither overwhelmed or underwhelmed when opening it.  Over all I’m really impressed with this box and found it quite delightful!





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