Ivory Clasp Review April 2017

Ivory Clasp is a monthly fashion subscription box for chic stylish on-trend handbags with a retail value over $100 delivered to your door monthly for only $45 a month! They kindly sent us this box for review.

I’m super excited to be reviewing Ivory Clasp today. I came across this fashion subscription box a couple of months back and was drawn to it right away. I have a weakness for designer handbags. It’s the one thing I will splurge on. I was intrigued by the fact that Ivory Clasp offers designers bags with a retail value of over $100 for only $45 per month. What!! Are you kidding me!! This sounds like the perfect subscription box for someone like me!

Subscription Details

Here’s how the Ivory Clasp subscription works:

  • Step 1 – Take the Quiz!
    • Take a quick quiz so our stylists can know what your style is and what you are looking for.
  • Step 2 – Let us do all the Work!
    • Every month, our stylists will personally hand pick and send to you a new trendy handbag based on your style quiz.
  • Step 3 – Rock your new Handbag!
    • Every month a chic new handbag (yours to keep) will be delivered right to your door with complimentary shipping from us!

When I filled out my style profile I indicated that I like neutral colours and solid patterns, I said my style was a mix of casual and boho. I also indicated that I like totes, hobos and that the name of the brand is fairly important to me.

Here’s the style they chose for me this month…..

Dolce Vita Fringe Purse (Retail Value $238?)

I couldn’t find this exact style on the Dolce Vita website, but a majority of the purses this size retail for $238 – $298 so it’s safe to say this one is about the same. First of all…..can we talk about the value! This subscription only costs $45 per month and I received a $238 purse! That is craziness. And…..the style fits my preferences perfectly. I absolutely adore this bag. It’s the perfect mix of casual and boho, it’s a solid color, and black is about as versatile as they come. I am thrilled with my very first purse from Ivory Clasp, I still can’t believe this is what you get for $45 per month.

Part of me thought, well maybe it’s too good to be true. So I did a little research on their website and found this info on their FAQ page:

  • Are these bags authentic? Knockoffs? – Not at all! We have partnered with several well known fashion brands as well as new up and coming designer brands to offer you some of their latest handbag styles. We are handbag lovers just like you so we stand with the fashion industry in the fight against knockoffs. If you want to know more about how we do this- you can check out our about page!
  • Are these last season discount store bags? – Nope! All our bags are in season! If you find any of the bags we offer at an authorized retailer for under $98 retail price -excluding discount websites, individual sellers (ebay, amazon, etc), sales taxes, and promotions- send us a photo and a link and we’ll refund your money…and you can keep the bag!

That is crazy!! So basically, if you find your bag in an authorized retailer for under $98 they will refund your money and let you keep your bag. I am impressed!

Ivory Clasp Review April 2017 – Final Thoughts

Wow, wow, wow! I am SO impressed with my fist box from Ivory Clasp. I can’t even describe how exciting this subscription is for a purse junkie like myself. Not only is the value amazing, they also offer great styles from quality brands. My stylist picked out the perfect purse for me this month, I couldn’t be happier. I have a feeling it will be my new go-to…..move over Kate Spade tote, you have some competition.

Ivory Clasp is so much more than I was expecting it to be. This subscription is going to be a hit with all the fashion addicts out there. I’m actually kind of surprise that it hasn’t been plastered all over Facebook and Instagram as of yet…….this is definitely going on the April favourites list!!





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