Jewelry Subscription Review September 2017

With Jewelry Subscription you get jewelry customized to your taste, delivered to your door every month. Jewelry is yours to keep! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

Jewelry customized to your taste, delivered to your door every month! Jewelry is yours to keep!

  • Same high-quality jewelry found in leading department stores.
  • Retail value of each Jewelry Subscription box is between $50 – $400! Retail value of each Lux Ring box is between $75 – $500! Retail value of each Special Occasion box is between $80 – $600!
  • Each piece is hand selected just for you by our expert jewelry curators based on your Jewelry Style Profile.
  • Unlike other jewelry subscriptions, you don’t have to pick a particular style if you don’t want to! Just let us know in the “Jewelry Style Profile” that you like multiple styles and you will get a mix of all kinds of jewelry.
  • Jewelry includes rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. We will exclude any item. Just let us know what you don’t want when you fill out the Jewelry Style Profile.
  • We have all kinds of styles from classic to trendy.
  • Select either a 1 or 2-3 piece per month plan, Special Occasion plan, or Lux Ring plan.
  • Jewelry is yours to keep, this is not a rental jewelry service.


This is my first time reviewing Jewelry Subscription!  Jewelry subscriptions are just too much fun to open and review!  What gal doesn’t love getting new and surprising bling in the mail?!  Also, I am Mrs. Rut when it comes to my jewelry and will just wear the same thing for days and days, so I may need a little help when it comes to accessorizing my wardrobe.

First item opened is this stunning little bracelet!  I really had no idea what to expect with this subscription and am pleasantly surprised!  I will say the weight of the bracelet itself is quite light, which doesn’t indicate a high quality metal, but regardless, it is gorgeous.

Next out of the gate is a matching ring to the bracelet!  The jewel itself is a different shape, but the colours match perfectly.  When you sign up for a subscription you fill out a style profile including ring size which is a nice customization option. The color of this stone is beautiful, I can’t get over it.

Last is a matching necklace completing our set for this subscription!  There is an option for different lengths on this chain, which is nice to accommodate different outfits.  Again, the piece is quite light.

Jewelry Subscription September 2017 – Final Thoughts

I love a good jewelry box!  This is my first time seeing Jewelry Subscription and wouldn’t mind a couple months testing of it to see what else they provide and how the designs vary from month to month.  Over all, this set isn’t 100% my style, but I think with the right outfit the set could really pop and I may consider wearing it to a Christmas party given I could find the right dress for it!  I really loved how all the pieces matched so well.  Often I think a matching set in a jewelry subscription is a given, but this isn’t always the case.  This was definitely a nice feature!





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