Keep It Simple Socks Review August 2017

With Keep It Simple Socks you get 1, 2, or 3-Pair sock subscriptions, featuring designs uniquely created by their team, starting out at only $10/month!

Their Mission? To create unique socks that inspire boldness and confidence no matter what your day may bring.

Their Vision? To give you the confidence to put your best foot forward.

Subscription Details

Get 1 to 3 pairs of new sock styles delivered right to your door every month.

Oh, and did we mention shipping is free?

How does it work? It’s easy. Simply purchase a Monthly Socks subscription and we’ll send you your 1-3 hand-picked pair(s) of socks once a month. You’ll be billed monthly and you can cancel anytime!

This is only my second time receiving Keep It Simple Socks and I’m already addicted!  I just love socks and could receive, open and review sock subscriptions all day long!  I may soon have a different pair of socks for every day of the year, but I feel like even that won’t stop me from wanting more!  Let’s take a look at the August Keep It Simple Socks……

Every first time subscriber receives a pair of free sunglasses in their first box! What a great little bonus for signing up!

I know these socks are super plain, but they might actually be one of the best pair of socks I’ve ever received!  I love a crazy pattern, but I’m also a sucker for plain and classic and simple.  I could have these in every colour under the rainbow!  They are so cozy and soft too!  I just know I’ll always be looking for these and they will always be in the laundry hamper, because I will have worn them when they are first out of the dryer!

Love!  These kind of remind me of a paint chip sample!!  Ahah too funny.  Really like the grey scale.  These would be great to dress up and would go with pretty well anything.  Again, another simple and classic pair.

Loving these, but they are reminding me a bit more of winter.  Part of the fun of subscription boxes is the relation to the season you’re in.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m really liking them, but I feel like they would have hit a bigger punch if they arrived in a November or January box.  Just thoughts.

Keep It Simple Socks August 2017 – Final Thoughts

Loving this box!  Presentation does a lot for me and I think Keep It Simple Socks has knocked that out of the park!  Their box design is really nice and the theme of their logo is perfectly carried out throughout the whole unboxing.  I’ve been over the moon with both boxes I’ve received, but you know what we say… It usually takes three boxes to really get a feel for things – I’m just trying to get more socks, because I think after just one unboxing of Keep It Simple Socks they have blown it out of the water!  Keep it up and keep sending me socks!  I live in Canada, it will get really cold here soon and I’ll need to keep warm.  It’s a rescue mission really.





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