Keto Delivered Review April 2017

Inside Keto Delivered, you’ll discover incredible ketogenic diet friendly foods, carefully curated for you from artisans, farmer’s markets, and small batch foods. They meticulously hand-select every item, curating each box with foods you’ll enjoy, while supporting small businesses at the same time.  What You Get: 5-8 keto friendly snacks and cooking items. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I am SO excited about this box!  This is our first time reviewing Keto Delivered, but they have been around for some time now.  Ketogenic diets are definitely the up and coming diet, but really, this concept has been around for a long time and a lot of star athletes follow this kind of dietary regime.  At my ‘day job’ I work with I see a lot of athletes and what is recommended to them most of all for top performance is a keto based diet.   I didn’t even know this box existed until recently and I already can’t get enough of it.

Pork Clouds – Cinnamon and Pepper

Pork skin, cured in salt, cooked in olive oil and dusted with simple but striking seasonings.  Bacon’s Heir is reintroduced the world to pork rinds, in a delicious way.

I have to admit that pork rinds aren’t my favourite thing, but often it’s the cooking method that totally grosses me out.  Usually doused in saturated fats and hydrogenated oil they can be super grease and gross to eat.  Because this box supports keto diets I’ll give them another go!  Don’t let me down!

Epic Bars – Venison and Chicken Sriracha

Epic makes meat based superfoods, inspired by nature.  This month we’ve got two of their delicious meat bars that are gluten free and low in sugar.

Yes!  This is right up my alley.  The term ‘meat bar’ might be throwing me off a bit, but essentially it’s beef jerky.  My eyes popped when I saw venison!  I love game meat, as it’s usually the purest of meat being a legitimate free range, grass-eating animal.

XyloBurst Sours – Watermelon and Grape

XyloBurst sours are sugar free and sweetened exclusively with 100% all natural xylitol.  With 75% fewer carbohydrates than sugar, xylitol is keto friendly in moderate amounts.

See, even the craziest of diets and nutrition still allow for some indulgence.  I’ve never heard of these before, but they sound delicious and I can’t wait to try them.

Sunbiotics – Truffled Probiotic Almonds

Sunbiotics probiotic almonds are delicious snacks that help restore gut flora with every handful.  They’re a family owned and operated company just outside of Chicago.

This is awesome!  Almonds are one of my favourite things.  We talk all the time (at the ol’ “Day Job”) about gut health.  I didn’t know you could get your probiotics in such a delicious way.  Here is what the package says, “Sunbiotics is proud to bring you probiotic enhanced nuts.  Imagine a delicious and healthy gourmet snack with the benefits of probiotics.  Our special process being by sprouting raw organic almonds, then generously coating them in organic truffle sea salt and our potent probiotic blend (8 billion per package*).  Low temperature drying methods are used to increase crunchiness as well as preserve nutrients and probiotic potency.”

Foods Alive – Italian Flax Crackers

Foods Alive is a family owned company dedicated to creating food to nourish your body, mind & soul.  Their flax crackers a are delicious low carb chip alternative.

Love flax!  These look so yummy.  I may have to look to source these after this package is gone, which won’t take long.

Primal Kitchen – Ranch Dressing

Made with avocado oil, this ranch dressing is zesty and delicious.  Primal Kitchen makes uncompromisingly delicious and nutrient dense foods for keto and paleo dieters. 

Love that a longer lasting item is provided!  It’s so nice when the items from your box are more than just a one time use.  Avocado oil is fast becoming one of my favourite oils to use as well.

Keto Delivered April 2017 – Final Thoughts

Umm…. New favourite box!  It’s so nice to see that companies are taking a real interest in not only health, but specific health needs.  I think we are going to be seeing the term “Keto” springing up more and more, so I think this box will only become more and more popular.  I really loved every item provided.  I liked the mix of snack items, sweets and lasting items.  The box feels really well-rounded and it’s an incredible price point!  Good health and proper food is not cheap these days, so if you can get it at a discounted rate it really is a win win.  Keto Delivered is a great value and when you know every item is researched and backed up for you it really is a double win!





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