Kid Wonder Review April 2018

Do you have an active child that is always on the go? Do they like to do arts and crafts and use their imagination? I am such a fan of hands on activities for the kids but often times don’t have the exact supplies that are needed. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to sit and paint with my daughter just to realize all her paint is dried up or we can’t find the right paint brush! Kid Wonder Box is literally THE perfect hands on activity box for busy parents who may not always have their supplies organized or in order. Take a look at this months Kid Wonder Astronaut Kit!

There is an activity book to start the kids off with by learning all about astronauts and space! With different activities and information per page the kids can get excited yet learn as they go!

Bag 01 – Dress Like An Astronaut

It comes with a card to help the parents out as the kids learn to build their own astronaut backpack and face mask. With levels of messiness, difficulty and time involved it allows parents to have a great idea of what to expect. This bag comes with: a mask overlay, mask base, decorative felt stickers, backpack, rocket ship stickers, 4 white felt dots, and flame stickers!

Bag 02 – Put On A Space Show

The back of this card explains just how to set everything for your fun space show! This kit comes with; a rocket ship puppet kit, a puppet stage, alien puppet kit, and an astronaut puppet kit! After getting it all set up this puppet show is a fun activity for you and your children to do together!

Bag  – Train Like An Astronaut

This kit comes with a dry eraser marker, a badge, a lanyard, a certificate of completion, and a junior astronaut training checklist. Once the backpack is on and your puppet show has been completed your child can make their own checklist and badge to be a certified astronaut!

Bag 04 – Let’s Discover The Stars

This kit comes with a paint pot strip, a paint brush, a telescope, an apron and mess mat, and a constellation card! Set up an area for you kid to paint at, cover them with the apron and let them take charge of their own telescope! They can decorate it anyway they like and once done wrap up the mess and toss it!

Bag 05 – Design A Space Shuttle

The final project let’s your child design their very own space shuttle! The kit comes with: an apron and mess mat, a space shuttle template, model magic, plastic tube, paint and paint brush, and finishing line! This project is a bit more difficult than the others so may require a bit more hands on from the parents but such a fun activity for your child to remember and keep the model as a keep sake!

Kid Wonder Review April 2018 – Final Thoughts

This specific Kid Wonder box is for ages 3-6, but there are others if you have an older or younger child as well! What a fun and educational activity for you and your child to do together! They can learn about space, astronauts, how to build a model, painting, and work on their writing! A win win if you ask me!

Stesha Rose –

Kid Wonder

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