KidBox Review Summer 2018

Have you ever tried shopping for clothes with children? From my personal experience, it doesn’t always go as planned, especially with younger children. Between tantrums and asking to go to the toy aisle 20 times in one trip, you will likely walk out with one outfit, if you’re lucky enough. Thankfully, KidBox has made buying clothes for kids easy. Yup, you read that right, EASY!

What is KidBox?

KidBox is a personalized clothing box for kids delivered to your door 5 times a year – Spring, Summer, Back to School, Fall, and Winter. Their mission is to provide new outfits to children in need with every complete box purchased. Each box includes personalized outfits with top brands and styles for the season, making your shopping experience fun and convenient while saving you time and money.

How Does it Work?

You will be prompted to take a short style quiz before placing your order. I love how they ask anything from which style you prefer to what colors to avoid, this allows KidBox to send you items you will love for the season. KidBox ships FREE. There are no styling or shipping fees, so it’s easy to sign up and get your first box. At first I wondered, what if my child just doesn’t need some items sent to us or maybe I just won’t like a certain item? The amazing thing with KidBox is that they allow you to keep what you love and send back the rest within 7 days! Wrong size? No problem! You’re able to ship it back at no cost to you and your stylist will assist you in exchanging the sizes.

What is Included?

KidBox sizes vary from 2T to 14 which include 6-7 items that total $98 when you purchase the entire box. They also have a Baby box for newborns up to 24 months which includes 5-6 items totaling $68. We also received a fun KidBox pencil bag, ABC stickers, crayons, a return label with the poly mailer, and The Scribble newsletter.

Lee 2-Pack Tee & Henley

Retail: $44 Kidbox: $33

First item was a 2-pack of Lee brand shirts, one basic white t-shirt with buttons and a blue shirt with a space theme. I know many people who don’t dare put their toddlers in white clothing, but I personally LOVE basic tees and like having a white shirt on hand to go under button ups. Blue is also my sons favorite color, so the space shirt was a hit for him!

Penguin Woven Poplin Printed Shirt

Retail: $40 Kidbox: $30

Next was a Penguin brand white button up with small printed caps and skateboards all around. Very cute and simple! I also included button ups on the style quiz, so I was excited to see one included in the box.

PS from Aeropostale “Big Wave” Stripe Henley

Retail: $24.50 Kidbox: $19

Last shirt was a blue and white striped tee by PS from Aeropostale. It had “big wave surf” printed along the side in black with lime green. I love the brighter colors on this shirt and the summer vibes.

PS from Aeropostale Woven Drawstring Shorts

Retail: $34.50 Kidbox: $26

Also included by PS from Aeropostale was a pair of woven drawstring shorts in a peachy, orange color. I am obsessed with this color for spring and summer time! The material and quality of the shorts is great and it pairs nicely with the Penguin brand white button up.

Frenchie Mini Courture Elastic Shorts

Retail: $25 Kidbox: $19

The second pair of shorts are a nice olive green pair from Frenchie Mini Couture. Great quality and a nice, comfortable fabric for hot days. I also really love that both pairs of shorts come with adjustable drawstring, huge plus for me! My boys are on the skinnier side, but still tall, so I typically only purchase shorts I can adjust to their size when needed.

Andy + Evan Fish Print Swim Trunks

Retail: $39 Kidbox: $30

Last clothing piece was the cutest pair of swim trunks from Andy + Evan, perfect for summertime! We love to visit splash pads and water parks during the summer, so these will surely be handy to have in the closet.

KidBox Review Summer 2018 – Final Thoughts

I was very excited to try out KidBox and curious to see how it would work for us! I love shopping for clothing, but having kids has made it so much more difficult. When I do shop with my children, how quickly I am able to grab what I need and checkout is one of my top priorities. Honestly, nothing can beat how convenient it is to order from KidBox. The clothing was all very cute and the quality was amazing. I ordered a box in a size 4T for boys and sizing for all of the items were true to size for us and all the items were appropriate for the season. The entire box was put together very nicely and the clothing items were all well thought out. The color pages and stickers were an added bonus for my toddler and probably his favorite part of the box.

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Personal styling just for kids and a mission to clothe one million children in need.

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