KissMe Lipstick Club Review December 2017

KissMe Lipstick Club is the first ever liquid lipstick club by LiveGlam where members receive 3 lippies each month for the price of one. KissMe lippies are affordable without compromising quality: vegan, cruelty-free and super long lasting for the perfect pout! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Ok, last month was my first month receiving this box.  I thought it was ok, ya know, lipsticks are nice and all, but really just for special occasions right??  WRONG!!  I’m not kidding when I say lipstick is the one thing, the one thing I have never worn on a daily basis, until now.  I use to buy lipstick for a special occasion, like a work Christmas party or something and then never wear it again.  I think I owned three lipsticks before this and hadn’t worn any of them in over a year.  This subscription has changed me…. CHANGED! – More on that later.  For now, let’s dive lips first into this month’s KissMe Lipstick Club by LiveGlam

Home for the Holidays

‘Tis the Season to be Mauve!  Gift the gift of fleek this Holiday Season when you rock any of your December LiveGlam shades!  There’s no place like Mauve for the Holidays.  You can take home some glam with this gorgeous set of mauve lippies, so don’t forget to pack your KissMe!


It’s beginning to look a lot like lippies!  Take this cool-toned, deep mauve lippie home for the holidays and don’t worry about your aunt interrogating your love life this year!

Oh man, my aunt interrogates my love life every time I see her… Only until recently, now that I’ve tied the knot there is no need for the twenty questions!  Speaking of tying the knot though, it’s a good thing I did, because with this lippie I was attracting all kinds of attention! *nudge* to you single ladies!

…. I have to confess something, usually I never, repeat – NEVER take product out of the box and use it until all the photos and reviews are done.  I was a super bad girl and might even make Santa’s naughty list over this, but I totally ripped open this subscription, lipped up with this lippie and even took all the shades out with me over the weekend, BEFORE I even photographed them!! Ahh!! Guilty as charged.  This colour was too good to wait for and I just had to try it out.  I got so many complements it was almost tiring.


Enjoy a gorgeous Venetian holiday from the coziness of your home, hot chocolate with marshmallows included!  All you need is this peach-mauve matte lippe (and a cutie to cuddle)!

This colour is right up my alley!  100% the type of colour I would purchase if I was going for that once-a-year-Christmas-party purchase.  My plans tonight are literally to stay home and have a bath, no cutie home tonight, but it doesn’t even matter… I’d wear this to the tub!


If you’re dreaming of a mauve Christmas with treetops that glisten and lippies kissin’, then this gorgeous matte mauve shade is perfect for your holidays!

Beautiful!  I was trying to decide between this shade and Naples when I was a bad girl and used the product before shooting it.  I haven’t tried this one yet, but I want to save this one for a special occasion!

KissMe by LiveGlam December 2017 – Final Thoughts

Ok, go make a coffee and get ready to read this, cause I’m going to go on for a while here…

I’m not joking when I say this subscription has turned me into a lipstick junkie.  I don’t know too much about different kinds of lipsticks, but I do know what I don’t like!  I don’t like heavy lipsticks that feel goopy on your lips all day.  I don’t like colours that fade after five sips of coffee and I don’t like lipstick that is so dried up to keep it’s colour that you feel like you just got off a deserted island and haven’t had a decent glass of water in three days.  KissMe is none of these things!  I wasn’t even super keen to try the lippies after I reviewed them last time, but because I had them I thought, hey why not!  I wore lipstick every single day to work that week and I got non-stop compliments all day!  I’m also an avid-addicted coffee drinker in the morning and will go through a mug of coffee on the way to work and a thermos of coffee at work!  I also had soup for lunch one of the days and I’m not kidding, my lips were still just as good come lunch time.  The colours I have received so far have been amazing!  Only one was a little too dramatic for me, but I gave it to a friend who literally has, at any give time, seven lipsticks in her purse.  She absolutely loved it!  I have become one of those women who’s purse is now heavy mainly from the weight of lipsticks.  I currently have five KissMe lippies in my purse and I have no plans to downsize them any time in the future.  I never thought it would happen, but it’s official.. I’m a lipstick girl!  Thank you LiveGlam!  Them some pretty big bragging rights for you!

-Shonah *Kisses!*




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