Kloverbox Review February 2018

Kloverbox features the best natural, cruelty-free and organic beauty, lifestyle, nutrition and healthy home products. You’ll receive affordable Eco-friendly products, handpicked by our health conscious curators, so you can incorporate better products into every aspect of your life. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Last month was our first time reviewing Kloverbox and it was a pleasant little surprise. It’s a pretty little box with a nice selection of natural beauty products tucked inside. And you all know how much I love natural beauty products. We also found last month’s box to be extremely valuable when taking in to consideration the cost of the box itself and the value of the items we received. So far we are huge fans.

Subscription Details

How It works:

  1. Choose your plan. Choose from monthly or 3 and 6 months shipments and save!
  2. They curate and send you the best cruelty-free and vegan natural or organic beauty, lifestyle and nutrition products every month.
  3. Discover new eco-friendly products, so you can live a healthier and happier life.

Here’s a closer look at the items we received:

Rooibos & Pomegranate Cream Exfoliant ($27)

This gentle but powerful cream exfoliator is packed with antioxidants to protect skin against free radicals and the signs of aging, as well as Alpha Hydroxy Acids which naturally brighten and refine. Biodegradable Jojoba Beads work their magic to smooth and renew dull, dry complexions without damaging sensitive skin.  Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, and Organic Neem Oil boost moisture and nourish skin for renewed radiance.

I’m trying to remember if we have ever received this brand before and I’m pretty sure we haven’t. Therefore, I decided to spend some time on their website and discovered that they have a really great selection of skincare, bath & body care and aromatherapy. They also have some really fun gifts sets with names like: Take it Down a Notch, After Party, Sweet Dreams and Feel Better. How fun do those sound?!

Jaiden Madison All Natural Liquid Lipstick ($20)

Specializing in lip products made from natural ingredients to nourish your skin, not harm it. Our buildable formula may be worn as a sheer wash of color or layered with your favorite lipstick/stain for added dimension and bold color payoff.

Ohhhh…..how pretty is this lip color?! I get so excited when I receive any sort of natural makeup product. It’s been the hardest thing for me to switch over. Cleaning products were an easy switch, as were bath & body products, but makeup has proven to be a bit more difficult. I’m looking forward to testing this one out. I like that it is buildable and can be worn by itself or over another color.

Moody Sisters Essential Oil Scented Roller Lavender Rose ($12)

Whether you need a natural aromatherapy mid-day pick me up or a fresh perfume scent to smell great the essential oil rollers have you covered. Each natural perfume roll on bottle has a blend of skin nourishing oils featuring jojoba, plus a blend of aromatherapy essential oils and fruit extracts to rock your world. This light and quick absorbing oil packs a powerful punch of scent to give you long lasting aromatherapy and scent.

I definitely consider myself a minimalist and try to only keep items I absolutely need. Therefore my bathroom cabinets are pretty empty, as is my makeup bag and toiletry bag. But…….I can’t seem to part with any of my essential oil rollers. I love these things!! I have a bunch of them and they end up all over the house. I keep some in the bathroom, some in my purse, some beside my bed……etc. Moody Sisters is a brand I am familiar with and this particular scent smells wonderful……#winwin

ChocXo Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Nibs ($1.99)

If we’re going to have chocolate this Valentine’s Day, let’s make it a chocolate that’s organic and vegan! ChocXo is proud of every ingredient that goes into their chocolate, starting with their responsible and sustainable sourced organic cacao beans from the Dominican Republic and Peru. They never use artificial sweeteners, colors or flavours. ChocXo like to keep things simple, just the way their chocolate forefathers intended.

Oh my goodness, this last item rounds out the box perfectly! Chocolate is always a good idea but it’s even better when it arrives in a February box (aka chocolate month) and it has pretty pink packaging.

Kloverbox Review February 2018 – Final Thoughts

I am really starting to love this subscription. This is only our second time reviewing Kloverbox but I already have a good feeling about it and a great first impression. This month’s box is right up my alley. We received a skincare item, a makeup item, a fragrance and a sweet treat. This is the perfect mixture of products if you ask me. Kloverbox is simple yet pretty. I don’t find it overwhelming or too over-the-top. I like that we receive 4 products and I like that they are natural. Oh…..and I absolutely LOVE the price point…..we can’t forget about that. $25 per month is a steal if you ask me. A pretty little box that is also reasonably priced! What’s not to love?!



Kloverbox features the best natural, cruelty-free and organic beauty, lifestyle, nutrition and healthy home products. You’ll receive affordable Eco-friendly products, handpicked by our health conscious curators, so you can incorporate […]

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