Kloverbox Review January 2018

Kloverbox features the best natural, cruelty-free and organic beauty, lifestyle, nutrition and healthy home products. You’ll receive affordable Eco-friendly products, handpicked by our health conscious curators, so you can incorporate better products into every aspect of your life. They kindly sent us this box for review.

This is our first time reviewing Kloverbox so let’s go over the details:

How It works:

  1. Choose your plan. Choose from monthly or 3 and 6 months shipments and save!
  2. They curate and send you the best cruelty-free and vegan natural or organic beauty, lifestyle and nutrition products every month.
  3. Discover new eco-friendly products, so you can live a healthier and happier life.

Here’s a closer look at the items we received:

Kloverbox is off to a great start. I so appreciate receiving a description of all the items included in the box. Without this, you are left to your own devices to figure out what you have received. How great to see that they use earth-friendly packaging to boot?!

Entyze Cucumber Martini Eye Serum ($14.99)

Cucumber Martini Eye Serum is an instantly cooling roller ball which helps massage away bags, hydrates puffy eyes on contact, removes dark circles, prevents wrinkles, moisturizes and tightens the skin to naturally slow down the signs of aging. This natural skincare product contains organic ingredients, with an emphasis on ingredients that are plant-based, organic, and food-grade. No animal testing is conducted on their products or ingredients.

Just the name of this serum has me excited. How delicious does a cucumber martini sound right about now? Ok ok, back to the review. I have always wondered what the purpose of putting cucumbers on your eyes was. Well, clearly it is more than I could have ever imagined. Who knew you could solve so many pesky eye areas concerns with one incredible smelling serum. I am excited to give this a go. While I don’t usually have puffy eyes or dark circles, I do have an issue with squinting, especially in the sun, so I am looking forward to putting this to test on my crows feet and helping to prevent future lines. This may also come in handy next time I watch an episode of This is Us! Right?

Timeless Organics Skin Care CoQ10 Age Defying Lotion ($19.99)

This is called a “miracle” in a bottle, a signature lotion that will reverse the clock! Whether you are trying to maintain young skin or reclaim young skin this lotion will make it happen. With a blend of CoQ10, ancient natural oils, rich antioxidants, and nourishing vitamins, your skin will glow from the moment you apply this beautiful lotion. This is an extremely light lotion great for any skin type with no added fragrance!

Yes! Please reverse my clock. In the last year I have noticed so many new lines. While some, I feel, add character others have me realizing why I no longer get ID’d. I have tried other anti aging products before but nothing as ‘clean’ as this product. I have become so more much aware of all the chemicals we come in contact everyday, especially those we absorb into our skin. While I am not ready to give it all up just yet I love the idea of slowly incorporating new natural and organic products. While there is no added fragrance, there is a lovely natural scent to this lotion that is very inviting.

DERMA-E  Overnight Peel ($18.75)

Reveal dramatically fresher, newer skin overnight with this skin-brightening blend of glycolic sugar cane and fruit acids. This skin-renewing formula contains 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) for safe, effective removal of dead surface skin cells. With every use, skin tone becomes more radiant, pigmentation is evened and age spots are visibly diminished. 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten free, and GMO-free. 

I might be most excited for this product! I have never used a peel before. This is probably because the word peel feels a little intimidating to me. Years of sun exposure has definitely given me some age and sun spots and I would love to diminish them. Knowing that this product is natural and contains safe ingredients gives me the confidence to test it out. That is definitely a perk of subscribing to a subscription box. It provides you with the opportunity to try products you might not have otherwise.

Radical Organic Radiance Pore Cleansing Brush ($6)

If you want flawless skin, invisible pores, and zero blackheads, this brush is the one to choose. The brush is made of the finest Vegan, cruelty free bristles in a multi-level texture for the best cleansing of your pores ever. Using Radorg’s Pore Cleansing Brush eliminates those pain in the nose blackheads and decreases pore visibility. Is it gentle enough to use every day.

Death to the blackheads! Amiright? Those pesky little buggers just seem to persist regardless of what I use, so if this magic brush works as it suggests then it may just become the most coveted part of my routine! I absolutely love that they have included this tool with the other products. It really completes the box.

Kloverbox Review January 2018 – Final Thoughts

Nice job Kloverbox. I feel that this box provided a great range of products. The age defying lotion will be a great staple for everyday use as will the eye serum. The peel is a great addition to the box as well, especially for those that already have a routine in place but are looking to include a peel every once in a while. As I mentioned above, the pore cleansing brush really rounds out the items nicely. The unboxing process was made easy with the inclusion of the product description card. Sometimes it’s those small details that add so much value. What really stands out to me is the value in this box. The total value of the items is almost triple the cost. Not to mention the value that comes with having someone research and choose natural, organic products you can really feel great about. I can’t wait to see more from Kloverbox!



Kloverbox features the best natural, cruelty-free and organic beauty, lifestyle, nutrition and healthy home products. You’ll receive affordable Eco-friendly products, handpicked by our health conscious curators, so you can incorporate […]

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