La Boite a Bonbons Review June 2017

La Boite a Bonbons is a candy subscription box. Every month, their subscribers get about 1kg of candies selected by their tasters, each month is a new surprise! They kindly sent us this box for review.

I am so excited that I get to share this box with you today. La Boite a BonBons is a Canadian subscription box and this will be my first time reviewing it. I came across this subscription box towards the end of last year and have wanted to get my hands one since. There’s just something about candy that puts a smile on face. I don’t even really eat candy and it still makes me happy. So I can only imagine how fun this box would be for someone who loves candy.

Since this is our first time reviewing La Boite a Bonbons let’s go over the subscription details…..

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a La Boite a BonBons subscription you get to choose the type of candy you would like to receive: mixed, sour or soft. As of right now you only have the option to sign up for a monthly recurring subscription, longer subscription lengths are not available. You can skip a month or cancel at any time.

Update: You can choose a longer subscription length with their gift subscription option.

Here’s a look at the candy we received this month….

Cocktail Mix

This blend of exotic fruit is the perfect accompaniment to cocktails to be enjoyed throughout the summer. The pineapples are so pretty that one would want to keep them aside to devour them only with eyes!

These look fun! It appears as though there is a mixture of shapes and flavours – pineapples, orange slices, lemon, pear and berries.

Rainbow Bricks

The bricks are really fun candies, the liquorice-covered outline covered with sugar and slightly sour reveals a comforting heart with light cream.

I am intrigued by these ones. It looks like there is a creamy candy centre…..I could be wrong though.

Red Berries

These red berries are such a delicious classic that they can only be worshiped. Each bite offers an explosion of fruity flavors, an exciting and satisfying experience!

These are a classic and I am quite excited to see them in the box. I have loved these berry candies since I was little. I feel like they are a crowd favourite and will be the perfect addition to my candy shelve on the coffee bar.

Cherry Slices

Cherry slices are a classic candy, acid and fruity at the same time, these candies know how to satisfy the greatest number! They are also incredibly fresh, providing a delightful and memorable experience.

These are another classic candy…..these and peach slices….I love them both.

La Boite a Bonbons Review June 2017 – Final Thoughts

What a fun subscription box! I am super happy with my very first La Boite a Bonbons and would love to receive this box every month. I think they have a reasonable price point, I love their new packaging (yes it is new) and I love that they are based in Canada. Their website is attractive and easy to navigate, and their subscription process is simple. They don’t include a product card in their boxes but I was able to find all the details for the June box on their website. I was pleasantly surprised to find the info on their site because 90% of the boxes I review don’t do this, and the other 10% say that they have the details on their site and rarely update it. As you can tell, I am impressed with La Boite a Bonbons and LOVE how organized they are.

Question: Have you tried La Boite a Bonbons? Leave your own review – HERE





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