LaOfficeBox Review July 2017

LaOfficeBox is a package delivered each month filled with officewear, makeup, delicious snacks, coffee, tea, office decor, stationery and more exclusively for women! Each box will be packed with 4-7 items to inspire you and make you feel fabulous while working!

What You Get: Filled with officewear, makeup, delicious snacks, coffee, tea, office decor, stationery and more exclusively for women!


This is our first time reviewing LaOfficeBox and I feel pretty curious about it!  I’m a sucker for office supplies, so I can’t wait to see what they include in this month’s box!  Let’s take a look…..

Stella Pearl Face Mask

Though not an ‘office item’ per say I can really appreciate the inclusion of a small beauty product!  Gals have to look their best at that office or need a moment to wind down after the fact.  Either way, it looks like this face mask has got you covered!

Order from Chaos by Liz Davenport

LOVE!  Such a great idea to include a book.  This really adds lasting value to the box over all.  This title, you’ve got my attention already.  Can’t wait to dive into this one.

Greeting Cards

Thank You cards… Brilliant.  I was in need of a thank you card just yesterday.  These would have been perfect!  When you’re running your own business you can never have enough thank you cards.

Seven Sisters Tea

Every good office needs tea!  How else do you get anything done past 3PM?!  Rooibos happens to be my favourite as well.

Rose + Vanilla Lip Balm

Ahh!  Lip chap!  I’m a lip chap monster… I’ll put it on every ten minutes, especially in an air-conditioned office… so dry!


Ok, how perfect is this.  It can be so hard to find office appropriate wear.  Love this top.  What a great fit for summer.  I usually feel like tank tops are a little too casual for the office, but the fabric, pattern and modesty of this is on point.

LaOfficeBox July 2017 – Final Thoughts

Ok, so not what I expected at all!  I thought I was in for a lot of stationary, pens, cards, white out, note books and other such things.  Instead this box more takes care of YOU while you are at the office!  Great idea.  Office jobs can be super tough, so to have a box provide you with all the pick me up items you need is just brilliant.  I loved every item provided and the variety was awesome!  I feel like the value really speaks for itself here.  The only thing I would recommend is the addition of a product card.  It’s always nice to read up on the items or have a small note from the company explaining a bit about the curation.  Other than that, super impressed!





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