Love Aiki Box Review May 2019

The Love Aiki Box is an affordable, exclusive and effortless way to explore new skincare products, in which you’ll discover hand-selected organic and natural skincare products delivered to your doorstep every other month.

Each Love Aiki Box received will feature 4-5 deluxe to full-sized skincare products, customized to your skin type at a cost of only $38.99. 

Here’s a closer look at the items I received in the May box….

Natural Skin Science: Signature Face Wash

I love the thick honey-like consistency of this face wash. After using it, my skin definitely felt totally cleansed of any residual makeup or oils.

The Signature Face Wash is a handmade organic Castile soap created with organic ingredients to soothe red or acne prone skin. Since I have an acne prone type, this was a perfect way to leave my face feeling fresh and clear. 

Natural Skin Science: Tamaru Honey Mask

This is the perfect mask to reset the state of your skin and create a great chemical balance within your pores. The Tamaru Mask is a  regenerating and exfoliating mask to help clear acne and remove impurities. It helps your skin fight against acne flare-ups and soften scars and fine lines to create visibly smooth skin. I was surprised to learn that for centuries Tamanu has been specifically used to repair skin cells, and fight dull or aging skin. I loved using the Tamaru Honey Mask because my skin felt so healthy and smooth afterwards.

LizLush: Lemonade Mini Deodorant

This lemongrass deodorant is long-lasting and protects against odor. It’s the perfect size for traveling or putting in your purse for an overnight stay. Its aluminum-free and made with natural Cocoa butter and Shea butter. I am absolutely obsessed with the fresh smell of lemon! This deodorant definitely kept me smelling fresh throughout the whole day. No reapplying! It was a once and done usage that really held up!

Lunah Life: Crystal Gem Stone Botanical Bath Bomb Mini

These Botanical Bath Bomb minis were the greatest way to relax on Mother’s Day! I really enjoyed having them fizz away in my bath tub while I soaked. Not only do these Bath Bombs have a lovely floral smell, but they gently tone your skin without over-drying. It does a super job of giving your skin more complexion while  reducing fine lines and wrinkles. I love the rose petals in the bath bombs because it looks very organic and therapeutic for the skin.

Nula Apothecary: Vanilla Mint Lip Conditioner

This Vanilla Mint Lip Conditioner is just what I needed! Way too often my lips are chapped from being outside in the wind or under the sun for too long. After using the Lip Conditioner for just one day, my lips felt very moist and supple. I really like the vanilla mint blend of the Lip Conditioner. I always feel refreshed after using it, and a little goes a long way with this awesome product. 

Love Aiki Box Review May 2019 – Final Thoughts

I was so excited to receive the Love Aiki Box May box. I absolutely loved how all the products contained great natural fresh scents. It reminded me that spring is here! My favorite product in the Love Aiki Box was the Crystal Gem Stone Botanical Bath Bomb Mini. I really enjoyed throwing them in my bathtub and soaking in all those good minerals. 

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