Love With Food Deluxe Box Review June 2017

Love With Food is a snack subscription box. Every month you’ll receive 8+ unique gourmet food samples shipped to your door. You’ll also have members-only access to purchase the full-size version of featured products at a special discount. Lucky you! You’ll will also earn points for each box you receive. Use your points to redeem for full-size products and get them at deep-discounts or for FREE! They kindly sent us this box for review.

June 2017

June is a month of transitions – the season changes from Spring to Summer and major life changes take place with graduations and weddings.  This month we’re sending you wholesome treats to power your study sessions and exams, fuel up on the way to events, or simply start your day off right with something delicious.  Whether you’re facing a new challenge at work or babysitting mischievous toddlers, just remember – You Got This!

We love, love love Love With Food Deluxe Box!  It has been a staple on AYOB for quite some time and I don’t doubt if you subscribe it will become a quick staple in your house as well.  There is nothing like having a constant stock of snacks in the cupboard; for lunches alone it’s amazing, but we are hitting road trip season, camping season, wedding season, and graduation season.  All of which require a plethora of snacks at the ready!  Nobody wants to get stuck between a wedding and reception with three hours to kill and no access to quick food.  Am I right?!

iWon Protein Chips – Sriracha Flavour

I received this brand a couple of months back, but it was cinnamon toast flavour.  Holy, they were good.  Too good really.  I’m excited to try a more savoury flavour of this chip.

Minute Ready to Serve Rice & Quinoa

Now this is a study ready snack!  I can’t say this is how I roll when it comes to food prep, but this is a college dorm win!

J&M Original Cheese Straws

This is the perfect wedding snack right here!  Small enough to fit in a clutch and no ones the wiser when you pull it out after the ceremony for a quick pick me up.  Not only that, but everyone will want to be your best friend, because you were the one who actually thought to bring snacks to a wedding.

Beanitos Baked White Bean Crunch

This might not be the best wedding choice as no one wants cheesey puff fingers in fancy attire.  Right?!  Save this one for the camping sessions.  No one cares if you wipe those cheesey fingers on your camping clothes!

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps

This is the perfect camping snack, especially if you remembered to bring some dip along with you.  I don’t know about you, but chips and salsa are the best after-beach snack.  These pretzels are only a promotion on the traditional chip.

PB&J Toasty Crackers

This is perfect when you have kids in tow at those fancy grad ceremonies that seem to go on for ages.  Anyone here have someone graduating with the last name starting with a letter beyond ‘M’? … I’m so sorry.  You’ll need a snack to get you through all those stage walks.


YESS…. If someone wants to start a Stroopwafel subscription box and all they send out is 10 to, I dunno, 87 packs of Stroopwafel each month, I’d be your first subscriber.  Have you ever had one of these?  No?!  Get on it.  Have you had one with a hot drink?!  Lemmie explain… Place one of these bad boys on top of your mug while your newly hot coffee or tea is steaming up the joint.  Let it sit for ten to twenty seconds and then enjoy!  The heat of your drink melts the caramel inside just a delicious amount.  You’ll be addicted and then you also will be wondering where the Stroopwafel subscription box is.  Stay tuned.  Maybe I’ll be the next Stroopwafel Subscription Box CEO.

Angel Mints

Love these!  These are exactly the type of mint that were in the candy bowl at my Grandma’s house.  I’d pick them all out as soon as I got there…

Jubilee Mix Trail Mix

Another awesome camp snack!  Or road trip snack. Seeing how it comes in a tube you can just up-end that baby into your mouth without worrying about the spillage.  We’ve all been there while driving… crumb city.

Shine Organics

This is a perfect beach or pool side snack!  You don’t want something heavy, but need something you can just toss in your bag and go.  This is some summer thinking right here.

Flap Jacked Protein Smoothie

This is the first time I have seen something like this.  I really like the idea!  I find carrying protein powder such a pain and prefer to have it mixed up before hand, but that’s not always convenient if you use dairy and it’s going to be out of the fridge for a long time.  This is a really great solution!

Mediterra Savory Bar 

Love having granola bars or power bars on hand.  This one sounds so good!

Divina Fig Spread

This would be a perfect fit for those pretzels we were talking about early!  It’s also a convenient camping size.

Love with Food Deluxe Box June 2017 – Final Thoughts

I really don’t think this box can do any wrong with us.  They knock it out of the park every month!  If you aren’t yet a subscriber I highly recommend giving this one a try.  If you already subscribe join us professional snackers and upgrade to the deluxe!  There seemed to be a really good variety this month of savoury, sweet, on the go, and stay at home items.  I think most of this box will get tucked away and then pulled out for the next camping trip!  Seeing how all the long weekends seem to be right around the corner, I don’t think it will take very long for all of this to disappear.


Love With Food

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