Love With Food Deluxe Box Review March 2018

Love with Food is a great snack box full of amazing healthy treats for the entire family! With Spring here, I am so excited to get to taste all these delicious treats which are perfect for grab and go since life has gotten busy! We made it a goal to turn our snacking from chips and cookies to more healthy alternatives this year. With life picking up, always going from one place to another, healthy eating can be difficult. I am so excited to share my review with you on these items in the Love with Food box, we have found some great alternatives that we all like!

Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle in Salted Caramel

I have such a soft spot for sweets, especially when it coms to chocolate! With only 120 calories per bag, these brittle bites have become a favorite of mine. Talk about goodness in a bag!

Laiki Black + Red Rice Crackers

These natural, gluten-free, vegan, and allergen friendly bags of crackers are perfect for eating healthy on the run. Made with only 3 ingredients per bag; rice, oil, salt you know exactly what you are putting into your body! Only 100 calories per bag!

LesserEvil Buddha Bowl Foods Himalayan Pink Organic Popcorn

Who doesn’t love popcorn? With only 50 calories per page this extra virgin organic coconut oil and himalayan pink salt popcorn hits the spot. Everyone likes to indulge in a treat once in a while and this popcorn is nothing but healthy….shhh don’t tell the kids that!

100% Natural Ginger Chews

These chewy bites are made with ginger and a taste of sweet mango. Individually wrapped for your on the go convince, throw a few in your bag whenever you need a sweet and spicy treat.

Pop Chips Nutter Puffs

These are a hit with the entire family, especially the kids! A puffed snack made with real peanut butter is a great gluten-free bagged snack. With 130 calories per bag and 5g of protein these puffs allow you to savor the taste of peanut butter we all love!

Jamba Organic Fruit Bites in Blueberry Açaí + Strawberry

These non-GMO, fat-free, vegan fruit bites are a great alternative to sweet snacks for your kids. With no high fructose corn syrup these bites are packed with excellent source of 12 vitamins. One of these bags are perfect for kids school lunches!

Laughing Giraffe Organics Lemon Snakaroon

I think I have found my new favorite cookie or snackaroon I should say! These lemon coconut cookie type snacks are delicious and a great little treat. You would never know all ingredients are organic and raw from the taste, these snacks aren’t a source of vitamins but they are a great substitute for a cookie.

Jollyoak Super Grain Oat Crunchers Oatmeal Cookie

Two moms created this delicious healthy snack for their entire families to enjoy! These Oak Crunches flood your body with vitamins and antioxidants which is what healthy active kids (or even us adults!) need when we have long busy days. I am a total oatmeal cookie fan so these are towards the top of my list!

Love With Food Deluxe Box Review March 2018 – Final Thoughts

That does it for my review on this amazing healthy eating snack box! Like I said above we have found some serious favorites and I as a mother feel much better about handing over a bag of natural fruit bites to my daughter rather than a bag of pure sugar!

Stesha Rose –





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