LustBox Review April 2017

LustBox is a monthly subscription for Men. Each month you will receive 4 accessories in a box to make sure you are always updated on the hottest trends and always look dapper and you can cancel anytime you want. They kindly sent us this box for review. 

We have only just started reviewing LustBox, but we were pretty impressed with the first one out of the gate.  There are a lot of mens boxes out there and they all seem to follow the same pattern of providing a pair of socks, tie, pocket square and one or two other items to accompany the gentleman’s lifestyle.  LustBox follows suit… Pun definitely intended.

At first glance I really like what I’m seeing, but I also feel a little underwhelmed by what is provided.  I feel like one more item would have set this off nicely.

Jimmy Lion Socks

I actually really love these socks!   I’ve never seen a city scape on a pair of socks before and I think it looks really cool!  I’m loving the details right down to the office windows and cabs.

John Harris Swedish Design Bow Tie

This is the first time I’ve seen a bow tie in a mens box and I have to say, I’m completely in love!  Totally reminds me of Richard from Gilmore Girls.  Yea?  Right?!

My Suited Life Tie

I’m not a huge fan of the pattern of this tie.  It seems pretty old school to me.  It’s also a fairly wide width, which you don’t see too much of anymore.  I do love the shade of green though!  The colour is classic.

LustBox Shoe Bag

This is a really unique item to include and one I haven’t seen in a men’s box yet.  It’s a great item for the traveling business man and could even double as a laundry bag if that’s more functional for you.

LustBox April 2017 – Final Thoughts

I didn’t feel as impressed with this box as Sarah did.  Maybe that’s just personal preference?  The items included line up with what other men’s boxes are doing, so they are hitting the marker there, but I found I just wasn’t as excited about the items or patterns provided.  I would love to see the items match more or perhaps items that can all be worn at the same time to complete a full outfit.  I really liked the shoe bag/laundry bag, as this is pretty unique and very useful!  We are only just getting our first looks at this box though, so I’m fully willing to be corrected on my first glance of LustBox!





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