LustBox Review July 2017

LustBox Review July 2017 - A Year of Boxes

LustBox is a monthly subscription for Men. Each month you will receive 4 accessories in a box to make sure you are always updated on the hottest trends and always look dapper and you can cancel anytime you want. They kindly sent us this box for review. 

LustBox is the perfect little box for the working gentleman, or for your every day guy who likes to spruce up his wardrobe with a few fancy items each month!  LustBox does a great job of coordinating the items provided so you don’t have to.  Let’s take a look at what LustBox provided in the July box.

Pocket Square

This pocket square might be my all time favourite received thus far!  I’m totally a sucker for yellow and the secondary colours are fantastic!  The paisley pattern is also a favourite of mine.  All round win.

Knit Tie

I know I just said I’m a sucker for yellow, and it’s totally true, but I think the solid yellow tie is looking like a bit too much for me.  I also received a tie similar to this a couple months ago, though it was pink, and wasn’t a huge fan of the fabric.  It does match the pocket square perfectly though, so I’ll give it points for that!

Beaded Bracelet

Loving this beaded bracelet!  It’s just manly enough if you ask me, but I would totally wear it paired up with a couple other items.

Dead Soxy Socks

Ok, these socks though!  Amazing!  Purple and yellow were my favourite colours as a kid, so this box is really speaking to me.  Plus I’m a huge sucker for striped anything.

LustBox July 2017 – Final Thoughts

The colours in this box are fantastic!  I found the yellow of the tie to be a bit too much, but over all I’m super happy with everything received.  I think all these items could easily be worn together with the right suit, but they are all great stand alone items as well.  LustBox has been super consistent in the quality of items and always delivers well in the curation.  Always happy to receive this little gem!





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