LustBox Review May 2017

LustBox is a monthly subscription for Men. Each month you will receive 4 accessories in a box to make sure you are always updated on the hottest trends and always look dapper and you can cancel anytime you want. They kindly sent us this box for review. 

Ok, how is it that the men’s boxes are now my favourite.  That seems a little unfair.  Every time I get a men’s subscription box I try to come up with ways for ties to be a girls accessory.  I have yet to come up with one, though, I will admit that pairing one with a black maxi dress has come to mind quite a few times.  Might have to give that a try before the summer is over.

This is what I’m talking about!  This is way to cute to be mens haha!  But would look so dapper on a gentleman.  I think this tie would go amazing with absolutely any colour shirt.  It’s a Monday to Sunday kind of win.

Ok, so pocket squares are kind of my new obsession, but again, I have no way to wear them.  I think I’m going to start standing on the street corner near office buildings just handing them out, telling guys to get with the trend already and square up!  Most of the pocket squares I receive are super patterned, I actually love that this is just white with simple threading.  Classic is always better.  Plus, the coloured thread around the edges really highlights the folds.

How cool is this?!  Stick it to the back of your mobile for an instant stand.  It’s super small, so it won’t take up a ton of room when you stuff that phone into your pocket.  Such a unique item.

These socks are amazing!  I would have loved to have seen them in blue, so that you could pair them with the tie and pocket square, but they are an awesome stand alone item!  Perfect for Bike to Work Week!

LustBox May 2017 – Final Thoughts

But seriously though, why are the men getting such cool boxes?!  I know I was maybe a little underwhelmed with last month’s LustBox, but this box has made me forget all my woes and now I’m totally in love with LustBox!  There are again only four items in this box, but because the items are more every day items I feel like the value is way higher than last month.  I always thought it would be so boring to be a guy and have to wear a suit and tie every day, there’s just no creativity in that, but LustBox is proving me wrong here!





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