Mapleblume Review October 2018

Mapleblume is a premium subscription box of luxury cosmetic and skincare products containing only the highest quality ingredients that are beautifying and nourishing. The Mapleblume subscription box contains 5 full size or deluxe sample size skincare and cosmetic products. A new box is delivered to your door every 2 months filled with different products every time. They kindly sent us this box to review.

I don’t know about you, but I love luxury skincare. I pay special attention to the items I use on my skin, whether it’s serum, lotion, makeup, etc…… And I am totally ok with paying a little more to ensure I am using products containing only high-quality ingredients. This is why I am a huge fan of Mapleblume. I appreciate the high-quality items they send us and the reputable brands they work with.

Subscription Details

SUBSCRIBE: Sign up for the Mapleblume beauty box subscription option. Once you have subscribed, you will receive a brand new box filled with a minimum of 5 premium skincare and cosmetic products every other month. You will be automatically charged before each box is sent out ($120.00 per box) with no need to reorder.

ONE-TIME PURCHASE: If you don’t want to subscribe, but you still would like to try the Mapleblume beauty box, or give it as a gift, simply sign up for the ‘One-Time Purchase’ option.

SUBSCRIPTION CANCELLATION: You can choose to end your subscription at anytime, just let us know by the 15th of the month before the next shipment.

Here’s a look at the items we received in the October box…..

Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil – Pai Skincare ($40)

Our bestselling skin hero is the ultimate multi-tasker. With regular use, it deeply conditions skin, improving firmness and elasticity and promoting a clear, even skin tone. Its high concentrations of essential nutrients feed the skin, fuelling its essential overnight regeneration processes without irritation. Among other things, Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil can be used to improve: dry patches, flaky patches, blemishes, dull skin tone, fine lines, scars, and sun damage.

Yes, yes, yes! This is a really great start for the October box. Pai Skincare is a really great brand and I am a huge fan of face oil, but you all probably know that already. This particular oil has minimal ingredients with the main one being Rosehip. I have very sensitive skin but am more than comfortable using this.

Facial Cleanser – Inlight Beauty ($65)

Dual action balm to deeply cleanse and nourish, transforming a daily routine into a luxurious ritual for your skin. Gently removes impurities with delightful hints of lemon, lavender and cypress.

Star ingredients: olive oil, green tea and rosemary.

Skin types: for all skin types including sensitive, oily and prone to acne, rosacea or redness.

I am very intrigued by this cleanser and am actually really looking forward to testing it out. It has a really great list of ingredients and will undoubtedly leave my skin feeling soft. To use simply massage over face, leave on for a few minutes and rinse with warm water.

Alert Eye Cream – Lavido ($63.78)

Brighten, moisturize and reduce puffiness around your eye area with this lightweight hydrosol water-based cream, formulated with plant-based hyaluronic acid, cold-pressed avocado and pomegranate seed oils and citrus extracts. Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and is clinically proven to show significant improvement in skin hydration, texture, firmness and elasticity.

This is another really great brand and the particular product gets really great reviews. I always have a couple of eye creams on my bathroom counter as I use them daily. This one includes rosehip which is one of my favorite ingredients.

Halo Illuminator – Vapor Organic Beauty ($47)

Transform your everyday look with a halo of light. Halo Illuminator highlights and enhances your most beautiful features: cheeks, brow bones, bow of lips and décolletage. Halo is formulated with Vapour’s Herbal Enlightenment Complex of Frankincense, Tulsi and Lotus to support healthy glowing skin.

We have received this brand before and I’m slowly becoming a fan. This highlighter is gorgeous and the packaging makes it travel-friendly. I can definitely see myself using this on my brow bones.

Mesmerize Eye Colour – Vapour Organic Beauty ($28)

Modern eye color in a versatile range of shades and a clean, precision stick. Achieve a sheer wash of color without synthetic adhesives. Mesmerize revitalizes with essential antioxidants, and includes Vapour’s organic Herbal Eyebright Complex of Chrysanthemum, Eyebright and Horsetail Herb to moisturize, tone and firm the delicate eye area.

Lastly we have a really gorgeous eye color. I’m still getting use to cream shadow but I love the idea that it will moisturize while providing a sheer wash of color.

Mapleblume Review October 2018 – Final Thoughts

I’m really loving this month’s Mapleblume box. We received a really nice selection of skincare and beauty products. We have a cleanser, a face oil and an eye cream, which creates a total skincare routine. The three products I use daily on my skin. In addition to that we received a gorgeous highlighter and a beautiful shadow stick. Both colors are so pretty that I feel the need to try them asap. This doesn’t always happen so I see it as a good sign – the fact that I want to stop what I am doing and test out each product we received. Mapleblume continues to be at the top of my list when it comes to luxury beauty subscription boxes.





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