mintMONGOOSE Review May 2018

mintMONGOOSE is a monthly jewelry subscription that sends you 3 pieces of high-quality jewelry in each box for only $12 +s/h. Unlike most jewelry subscription services, you are able to customize some of the items based on your preferences like your choice of silver or gold (or both), earrings or no earrings, etc. They kindly sent me May’s box to review.

Subscription Details

minMONGOOSE has 2 subscription options to choose from::

mintMONGOOSE – $12 per month

  • 3 mintMONGOOSE-exclusive pieces of adorable, high-quality jewelry (with a retail value of $40+).
  • Customized boxes with your choice of gold or silver jewelry, earrings or no earrings, watches or no watches.
  • An AWESOME free gift every 3 months — think a wallet, must-have makeup, or adorable pair of sunglasses!
  • Low-cost worldwide shipping!

mintMONGOOSE Black – $22.99 per month

  • 4 mintMONGOOSE-exclusive pieces of adorable, high-quality jewelry (with a retail value of $55+).
  • Customized boxes with your choice of gold or silver jewelry, earrings or no earrings, watches or no watches.
  • 2 fun accessories — one of which you get to pick — think socks, makeup, hygiene products, and more.
  • An EPIC free gift every 3 months — think a pack of adorable socks, full-sized purse, or pair of must-have headphones!

Here’s a closer look at the items I received for the month of May….

First of all, it’s obvious how much care mintMONGOOSE puts into their subscription and the presentation of it. The jewelry arrives carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue paper. Then, it’s placed in this beautiful lace imprinted carton with a pretty mint blue ribbon wrapped around it. Everything is then sealed with a mint blue wax seal! It’s such a nice personal touch to their subscription and I felt like I was actually receiving a special gift.

There was also a piece of candy included that was a nice surprise treat!

Adjustable Silver Arrow Ring

I’m a huge fan of rings, but can never really wear them because I’m a size 4.5. Most rings are just way too big for me but this one fit perfectly! This silver ring is adjustable and can be stretched to fit bigger ring sizes, or squeezed down to fit smaller fingers. It comes in an arrow design which manages to be minimalistic, but still adds a unique touch.

Blue Marbled Stud Earrings

I’m not much of a studs girl and usually prefer long dangle-y earrings, but these were too cute! The blue marbled center is an elegant pop of color that contrasts nicely with the silver that encompasses it. Another unique feature is the mongoose silhouette that’s stamped into the back of these earrings (and the necklace pendant too)!

Blue Marbled Arrow Necklace

This necklace is the finishing touch that marries all 3 pieces of jewelry together! It features the same blue marbled design as the earrings, but it also embodies the arrow design from the ring! This is a longer pendant necklace and is a perfect piece for layering.

mintMONGOOSE Review May 2018 – Final Thoughts

I’ve been on the hunt for fun pieces of jewelry to incorporate into my outfits ever since I started working in an office and mintMONGOOSE totally delivered. Besides the fact that the jewelry was beautiful and unique, I loved how each piece pairs together harmoniously. mintMONGOOSE took the guesswork out of pairing jewelry together and made the whole process so simple. I’m excited to see what next month has in store!

Mary Vu –


Receive 3 pieces of adorable, high-quality jewelry (for you to keep) with a retail value of $40+ mailed to you every month for just $12+s/h! Each month we announce one […]

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