MissionCute Review June 2017

MissionCute was started up out of a passion to give excellent gifts while at the same time supporting not-for-profit organizations. Each month, MissionCute works with a very special nonprofit to help promote their mission, raise awareness, and donate a portion of their monthly net proceeds from the MissionCute boxes and shop to their organization. They kindly sent us this box for review.

MissionCute June 2017 – Partner: American Autoimmune

Thank you to all who nominated and voted on this amazing organization!  Over 50 million Americans are impacted by an autoimmune related disease – that is one if five people!  An autoimmune disease develops when a person’s immune system mistakenly identifies healthy cells as foreign cells and attacks them.  From volunteering to fundraising and advocacy, there are many ways you can get involved with AARDA!  

This graphic is so inspiring!  It will get some decent real estate in my office.

Ahh!  How cute is this pineapple?!  Perfect for beach bums or pool side bums.  I don’t think pineapples discriminate between the pool or the beach.

So much fun summer swag in this month’s MissionCute!  Always happy to see a little snack included!

These are actually the only types of brushes I use.  Love them.  I’ve also been desperately needing a key chain.  Doesn’t that sound silly?!  Who desperately needs a key chain?   They seem like such ridiculous things to purchase though that I just haven’t gotten around to picking one up.  I’m in love with this one!

I have been so envious of all the gypsy rugs I’ve seen at the beach and park this year!  Finally!  I have one of my own.  Loves.  This is exactly the pattern I would pick out for myself as well.

MissionCute June 2017 – Final Thoughts

Ok, it’s official.  MissionCute is one of my favourite boxes!  The theme is on point with all these summer vibes!  If you aren’t familiar with MissionCute, you are basically supporting different not for profit organizations by subscribing, as a portion of all boxes is donated to a different mission each month.  How cute!  The items you receive can be viewed as your thank you presents for your donation.  I really liked the partner this month!  It seems the not for profits MissionCute partners with are vastly different each month, which I really like to see.  Can’t wait to see who we are supporting next month!  Keep up the excellent work.  Now, I’m off to the beach with my pineapple drink and gypsy blanket.





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