MissionCute Review March 2017

MissionCute was started up out of a passion to give excellent gifts while at the same time supporting not-for-profit organizations. Each month, MissionCute works with a very special nonprofit to help promote their mission, raise awareness, and donate a portion of their monthly net proceeds from the MissionCute boxes and shop to their organization. They kindly sent us this box for review.

This is our first time reviewing MissionCute and we are super excited to see what’s in store for us!  Already I feel like it’s off to a great start, as I love any company that actively supports nonprofits and makes it a part of their mission statement.   I’m also in love with the personalized tape used to close up the box.  So creative and simple yet effective.

March 2017 – Healing Household

Often caregivers of veterans suffer from caregiver burnout and financial stress due to a veteran’s injuries once relieved from active duty.  They often feel overwhelmed with the resources available to them along with how to obtain financial freedom when those resourced do not apply to their situation.  As a result, the veterans’ support system is severely damaged.  Without proper support from their caregivers our families on the home front cannot heal properly leaving the caregiver and children in a state of manager to collect the resources that will fit their needs.  HH6 case managers will assess their situation to provide child care, respite care, resources or financial award.  Our vision is to build stranger support systems for the caregiver, in turn strengthening the overall family relationship of the household.

This is so cool!  I’m sure there are many out there who have not wanted to subscribe to a subscription box because it felt selfish.  Well, now there is an option just for you!  Knowing profits from this box are going somewhere really needed I feel like all the items provided in this box just got a little more special.

I love the colours in this box and the summer vibe that’s going on!  Let’s break it down and see what MissionCute provided us.

Be Brave 5×7 Graphic Print – $9

I LOVE C.S. Lewis!  It was on my bucket list to visit the pub where he and Tolkien would gather with literary friends to talk about the books they were working on.  Yup, I went.  And it was glorious!  Not only is this a quote from one of my favourite authors, but the art and calligraphy is SUPER cute!  And for a triple whammy… Yes, I just said whammy, my bestie and I were talking just the other day about how the phrase “Be Brave” was really big for her and it’s becoming big for me right now.  Is it cheesy that I kinda want to cry over this little piece?

Skylar Jewelry Case – $10

This is so gosh darn cute!  It’s actually a pretty good size too, which you can’t really tell from this photo.   The first thing I thought of when I saw it was how handy it would be at the beach for placing a few nick-nacks in like head phones, lip gloss, your jewelry while you swim, or other small belongings that you don’t want to lose in the sand.  It would also make a great little pouch for all your nail polishes!  Loving the colours and I also love its shape!

Lip Locked Stain Lip Gloss – $24

I’m super picky when it comes to colour on my lips, but this stain is exactly the shade I pick out when I’m looking for something new.  It’s not too goopy and it goes on quite smooth.  Really happy with this cheeky little item!

Spring Aqua Bangle Set – $12

Super cute!  I gotta say though, I just might have to gift this to my mom, as pretty well her whole wardrobe, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen… ok everything she owns down to her ukulele (you think I’m joking but I’m not) is this colour!  I could see my mom mixing this set with her watch or a couple other items of hers.  Because they aren’t attached you could wear just one or a few of them at a time.

Summer Paisley Active Headband – $8

These colours are right up my alley!  I’ve also been looking for a new headband and I think this one will do the trick!  It’s super soft to the touch and is a nice size.  It doen’t feel like one of those “one size fits all” and then ends up being so tight you get a headache all day.

MissionCute March 2017 – Final Thoughts

This really doesn’t feel like a subscription box to me.  It feels like a donation club!  So many people want to give back to organizations, but don’t know which ones are trust worthy or even know where to start looking.  MissionCute is an amazing way to give back without even realizing it!  Really, you could look at your box of goodies as your thank-you for your support, which really does make all the items inside a little more special.  I really like all the items provided in this box and thought the variety was great, but it also felt like there was a subtle theme, which I appreciated.  I’m looking forward to seeing what else MissionCute has up their sleeve!





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