Monthly Coloring Club Review April 2019

Monthly Coloring Club is a coloring book subscription service that makes it easy for anyone who likes to color, relax at home with Coloring Therapy. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of colouring. I use to spend hours with my crayons and colouring books when I was young. I found it so satisfying to choose a page and color it to completion. So it should come as no surprise that I LOVE the idea of a colouring subscription box.

And did I mention that they are based in Canada? Even better! Let me introduce you to Monthly Coloring Club…..

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Monthly Coloring Club subscription, every month you get an assortment of Coloring Pages with a Therapeutic Value™ of 9+ sent to your door or email.

You’ll never be bored as each month you get fresh new designs, made by different artists for a different theme.

How It Works:

  1. Select Pack: Tell us how you like to color. We’ve got coloring packs for every person!
  2. Choose Plan: 1, 6 or 12 month plans. Cancel anytime. Free shipping.
  3. Simply Color: Coloring Packs are shipped on the 21st of each month. Relax & Color!

Monthly Coloring Club ships in a thick white mailing envelope. The envelope itself is quite sturdy which will ensure your colouring book doesn’t get damaged during shipping.

The cover is made of thick card stock that is filled with color. The cover goes all the way to the edges and displays the monthly theme.

One of the features I like most is the fact that the books are top bound, so that means it’s easy for you to color whether you’re left or right-handed. Also, since the binding is spiral bound, it lays flat, so you can have fun coloring. I happen to be left-handed so this is a huge selling feature for me.

Each colouring page is not only one-sided, but it is also printed on thick artist quality card stock. This means you can use colored pencils, gel pens, markers or even watercolor. Another selling feature as everyone likes to color with something different. My preference is coloured pencils.

Each book has a variety of designs by different artists. In fact, all the work is original and limited edition, that means you’re coloring a new design every time! Each month also features a different theme and you all know how I feel about monthly themes…..I love them! The April theme is Food.

Each page has a place at the top to write down what you are thankful for before you begin your colouring session.

Each page has an inspirational quote which pairs perfectly with the “what are you thankful for” question.

After you finish colouring your page you are to write down one amazing thing that happened to you that day.

Monthly Coloring Club Review April 2019 – Final Thoughts

For April I received the Monthly Coloring Club Relax Pack which includes 20 physical pages and costs $29 per month. You can also choose a 6-page pack for $14 per month or a 6 page digital pdf for $6 or a 14 page digital PDF for $11. I love that they have a few different options. My preference would definitely be the Relax Pack….the more pages to color the better.

I also appreciate all the small details like the quality packaging, the thick cover, the questions, the quotes, the monthly themes, etc…… They really have thought of everything.

Monthly colouring Club is a great subscription for anyone who likes to color or needs an excuse to de-stress a few times each month. I am extremely happy with my first colouring book and look forward to seeing what theme they come up with next month.





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