My Meraki Box Review August 2017

My Meraki Box Review August 2017 - A Year of Boxes

My Meraki Box features new exclusive designs, only available to My Meraki Box subscribers. Each month will feature 2-3 brand new Wristicuffs designs, exclusive to My Meraki Box.  Every box will contain  jewelry pieces handcrafted in their studio with a minimum $100 retail value. They kindly sent us this box for review.

My Meraki Box is a must for any girl who loves jewelry. There’s no other jewelry subscription box on the market like it. Their designs are beautiful and the pieces are quality. I am, and will always be, their biggest fan.

August Theme – The Sterling Collection

This month we wanted to create a collection of sterling necklaces that can be worn together to help you create a bold layered look but could also stand out when worn on their own. Your color choice this month was used to create a stunning gemstone chain that has been created to match the rest of the collection. 

Eeek! A box full of necklaces! This is very exciting. Last month it was all about the bracelets and this month it’s all about the necklaces. How fun is that!?

Lyon ($64.99)

A 16′ handcrafted gemstone chain made with your color selection and spiga style chain is set with a sterling silver heart focal and chain extender. 

I am beyond excited to see this gorgeous necklace in the box. You all know how I feel about hearts. They are my favourite. I feel like this piece was made specially for me. I couldn’t be happier.

Porto ($44.99)

A sterling silver curb chain is accented with a decorative sterling tube measuring 18″ plus a chain extender. 

I love the simplicity of this one. It will go with absolutely everything. A dress, jeans, Lululemons, you name it.

Crete ($64.99)

A sterling silver wheat chain measuring 20′ with a circular focal with a gemstone accent to match the Lyon necklace plus a chain extender. 

I feel like the box just keeps getting better. I thought the heart necklace would be my favourite but now that I see this I’m not so sure. I love this one just as much, if not more. I really love the look of the circular charm with the gemstone accent. It is so pretty.

Massachusetts ($44.99)

Sterling silver ear threads with front and back twisted accents. 

These are so much fun!! Definitely my favourite earrings I have ever received in a subscription box. They are extremely lightweight and they are simple but unique at the same time. Just like the Porto necklace, I feel like I could wear these with everything.

Bonus – Beaded Bracelet

I can’t get over the fact that My Meraki Box has sent us a bonus item in almost every single box. Come to think of it, I believe the only box we didn’t receive a bonus item in was the January Box? Nope, I lied, we received a bonus item in that one, it just wasn’t jewelry. It was the cutest little fur key chains. I can’t believe I forgot about those. This month’s bonus item isn’t really my style, but I still like it nonetheless.

My Meraki Box Review August 2017 – Final Thoughts

My Meraki box impresses me month after month. I have loved every box I have received and can’t get over the value we receive. I absolutely love that they focused on necklaces this month, it was a nice little surprise. And I love that all of them are simple, classic and pretty. I’m wearing the heart necklace as we speak because hearts are my good luck charm. I am also wearing the earrings and have a feeling I will be reaching for them often. They are the perfect style for me. I honestly can’t say enough about My Meraki Box. I truly am in love with this subscription. And…..if for some reason you aren’t happy with one of the items you received, they make the perfect gift because they all come in their own little velvet bag or black box complete with a bow. I highly recommend My Meraki Box.

PS – Did you notice the all the necklaces are a different length? One is 16″, one is 18″ and one is 20″, which means they really can be layered together. Now I am even more impressed…….if that’s even possible.





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