My Paper Box Review March 2019: Grand Box

April is not here yet and My Paper Box is ahead of the game shipping their grand box subscription!

I was so excited to receive My Paper Box this month after seeing some sneaks and already loving the color scheme.

As always, they knocked it out of the park this month. The colors were perfect for Spring with pinks, yellows and greens there was a little bit for everyone with the two themes they approached this month. Yes, two!

The top of the box is always personalized with your name and you can save it to put stationery items inside! I’ve been collecting mine. Inside there’s usually a clear (big) sticker that gives away the theme. This month it said: hoppy to see you, with a bunny in the O! Adorable!

This time there was a welcome card with a hand written note on the back! It gave the theme and the important dates of the month as well. Besides Easter, they included Earth day as well.

The first item on top was a notebook/insert style that said Lucia, My friends and it’s a type of little black book or address book to keep hard copy records of any family and friends with all their contact information. Very useful to me to keep record of my pen pals and some friends I like to send snail mail to often.

We usually receive 3-4 greeting cards per box, each one for a different occasion. This month we got one beautiful birthday card with polka dots the same colors as the overall theme and a stunning pink vellum envelope.

The second card said “Happy Earth Day” and inside it read: For a friend hotter than our Planet! Super cute!

We also received two super cute Easter cards with a bunny and they said “Hypster Easter”. Adorable! One of the envelopes was blue and the other was white.

We received two notepads this month, one medium square that has a Mr Earth and it says “save our planet, recycle me” and the other is a longer one with my name on it and black polka dots around.

A different item this month inside the notebook/insert category was a Daily Horoscope Journal. I love the binding of it, it has several pages, it’s thick and sturdy and the cover design is stunning. On one page it has lines to write and on the other is blank except for the top right corner where you get some words of encouragement, tips for living and such.

As per usual, we got a pop up calendar, this time one of the sides said Lucia’s April Goals and 1, 2, 3 for me to write down my top 3 goals. Decisions, decisions…

Let me not forget about the stickers! This month we received a few square stickers with bunnies, Mr Earth, and more as you can see in the photo. These are great for your planner, for your car even (does anybody still do that?) journal, etc. And we also received 4 envelope seals with the recycle symbol to add to your outgoing mail.

So, to recap, for the month of April we received:

  • 4 greeting cards with envelopes
  • 2 notepads
  • 2 notebook/inserts
  • 4 envelope seals
  • 6 square stickers
  • 1 pop up calendar

All personalized!

How awesome was this month’s My Paper Box? I love the colors and the variety we received, and don’t forget that if you sub to both types of boxes, the Mini and the Grand you won’t receive anything twice as both subs are completely different!

Lucia Metcalf –




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