My Petite Box Review June 2017

You love surprises?  You love local businesses?  You’ll love My Petite Box!  A monthly subscription box delivered to You every month with local products from one artist!  My Petite Box is a monthly subscription box based in Calgary!  They deliver excitement and delight to your door every month! They work with local artists and maker to surprise you each month.  Subscribe for yourself or Give it as a Gift!

This is our first time reviewing My Petite Box and I am very excited about this little gem!  No only does it source local businesses to Calgary, it’s overall Canadian!  Opening up this treasure was like being hand delivered the cream of the crop of beauty products from the farmers market!  I’m so impressed already.

Receive anything from cosmetics to jewellery, food or lifestyle items.  I have to say though, I would be quite happy to receive an equal to this box each month.  Let’s dive into My Petite Box!

Lamb’s Soapworks is a Southern Alberta based business whose mission is to provide the best hand-crafted artisan soaps and natural bath and body products with a commitment to cruelty free products, the environment, and giving back within our community.  

All of our products are made with the highest quality sustainably sourced vegetable based butters and oils, natural colorants, therapeutic grade essential oils, and phthalate-free fragrances.  You will never find parabens, petrolatums, or GMO’s in our carefully sourced ingredients. 

Black Raspberry Vanilla Sugar Scrub

This moisturizing emulsified sugar scrub is made with sugar, non-GMO sunflower oil, coconut oil, and shea butter with the addition of pink Australian clay to detoxify and leave your skin exfoliated and feeling soft and moisturized after use.

This almost smells good enough to eat!  You know what they say, if you wouldn’t eat it you shouldn’t consider putting it on your skin… There are obviously some graces to be taken with that, but this bad boy looks and smells good enough to eat!  The texture is also very soft.

Lamb’s Soapworks – Black Raspberry Vanilla Bar

This vegan soap bar is scented with delicious black raspberry and hints of vanilla.  Made with olive, coconut, sustainable palm, caster oils and moisturizing shea butter.

The scents for these items are right up my alley!  They smell just delicious!  I can get a little overwhelmed with powerful scents and often will avoid soap stores because my nose just starts to itch!  These, however, are exactly the type of scent I’m attracted to and the whole box just smells delicious!

Vanilla Coconut Body Lotion

Enjoy the delicious scent of vanilla with a pop of tropical coconut in a convenient travel/purse size.

This product doesn’t have the raspberry in it and I have to say I’m pretty happy about that!  I like a stronger scent with bath and shower items, but when you’re on the go you don’t necessarily want to be smelling up the joint with your hand lotion.  This is just lightly scented with very pure smelling vanilla!

French Vanilla Lip Balm

This natural beeswax lip balm will help soothe, moisturize, and soften your lips!  Formulated with local Alberta beeswax, olive oil, unrefined cocoa butter, and coconut oil.  The addition of rosehip oil which is high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E as an antioxidant gives your lips an added boost of love!

Oh man, every product in this box just keeps topping the last!  I am a lip balm addict!  I have one in my bedroom, bathroom, purse, office, car… you name it.  I can’t seem to go an hour without putting the stuff on.  This one is exactly the type I would source out as well.  Can’t wait to start using it for that added boost of love!

My Petite Box June 2017 – Final Thoughts

Wow!  So impressed.  I don’t know about you, but this is exactly the type of beauty box that I would look for.  I’m pretty basic when it comes to my cosmetics and self-care.  I’m not huge into make-up, face masks, nail polish or dollying up, but I do love proper and beautifully scented hygiene products!  I feel so spoiled by My Petite Box!  I would be very interested to see what their lifestyle box and jewelry and food items would look like.  If you were sending out cosmetics and bath products every month I’d be completely sold!  But with the chance of receiving one of the former I would want to see a curation of each possible selection before making a final decision.  For June, I am over the moon and cannot wait to dive into these products!





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