Neko Box Review August 2017

Neko Box is the ultimate mystery subscription box for every discerning Japan-lover! Bring some Zen to your home with our curated selection of beautiful ceramics and other homeware, crafted by artisans from all over Japan. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Neko Box is a brand new subscription to our marketplace and a brand new box to the AYOB team in general. Until now I had never heard of this box. Once I knew that I would be receiving it for review I spent some time on their website and was immediately intrigued. Just based on their branding alone, Neko Box appears to be a gorgeous subscription. I’m a huge fan of Japanese homeware. The delicate style and attention to detail captures my attention every time.

Subscription Details

I didn’t know this but Neko Box actually has two different subscriptions to choose from, in addition to Neko Box they also have a subscription called Zakka Kit.

  • Zakka Kit – Curated Japanese stationery delivered to you monthly
  • Neko Box – Monthly Japanese ceramics and more!

Neko Box is $41.99 for a monthly subscription and it includes practical and decorative items you’ll treasure for years to come – each box is worth $70+!

Here’s a closer look at the items we received in our very first Neko Box….


August Theme – Matcha Tea Box

Experience the harmony and delight of the Japanese matcha experience with our curated selection of ceramics and bamboo ware. You have everything you need to create your own matcha! In the latest issue of KAWA zine, you’ll explore Tokyo tea houses, learn about the culture and history behind the Japanese tea ceremony and try out a few matcha recipes!

This month’s theme is absolutely perfect for me. I love matcha tea and I’ve always wanted to get myself some matcha making accessories. Pretty excited right now.

Green Sakura Matcha Bowl by Saikai Toki

This beautiful pale pink and green cherry blossom matcha bowl (chawan) is the perfect vessel for your matcha. You can also use it for dessert or rice! These stunning bowls are Hasamiyaki porcelain, made in Nagasaki Prefecture. This famous pottery region has a 400 year ceramics history.

This bowl is absolutely beautiful. Not only will I use this for matcha, but I will also use it for my mid-afternoon snacks.

Ume Matcha Container by Sankido

This gorgeous textured ceramic container (chaki) has a stylised plum blossom (ume) design and a smooth glaze. Use this container to store your matcha powder just before using it, or use for other things like storing sugar or snacks. This artisan Minoyaki porcelain is made in Gifu prefecture.

I’ve been looking for a sugar bowl for quite some time and just might have to use this container for that instead of my matcha.

Bamboo Matcha Whisk by Hiroyoshi

This handmade bamboo whisk (chasen) is essential for whipping up the perfect frothy bowl of matcha! The thin tines help to separate the matcha powder, making it smooth and adding the frothy texture to the top. Store carefully in a dry place.

This is a matcha tea essential!! The powder is so fine. You definitely need a whisk like this to blend it.

Bamboo Matcha Spoon by Seiwa

This traditional bamboo spoon (chashaku) is the final zen item you need to complete your matcha tea set. Use it to scoop just the right amount of matcha powder into your bowl. Made in Kyoto.

KAWA Zine and Print by Neko Box

This month’s KAWA zine explores matcha tools, recipes and history to inspire you to explore the world of matcha. Join us as we visit some of Tokyo’s coolest tea houses, and learn how to make your own matcha!

Neko Box Review August 2017 – Final Thoughts

My very first Neko Box was a joy to receive. My sister and brother both traveled to Japan when I was in elementary school and they each brought back some really amazing items. I remember falling in love with the detailed style of the home decor pieces and the unique nature of the stationery. The fact that I can still picture the souvenirs should tell you have much I loved them because that was a long time ago. Neko Box reminds me of those Japanese gifts I received way back when. I absolutely love that I discovered this box. It is unique, professional, and fun to unbox. Seeing as this was only my first review, I feel like I still have a lot to learn about this subscription, but based on first impressions alone, I am a fan!





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