Nicely Noted Review June 2016

Nicely Noted Review June 2016 – Well….it’s official…Nicely Noted saved my butt once again (actually more than once). This past month I needed a few cards (Birthday, Thank You & Congratulations) and seeing as I have had absolutely NO time to do anything but work, I knew there was no way I was getting to the store to purchase said cards. It’s times like this that make me appreciate Nicely Noted, more than I already do. I simply opened up my cute little box filled with all “emergency cards” and ta-da… need to run to the store.

If you aren’t familiar with Nicely Noted it is a monthly letterpress subscription service. Every month they send you a package with 3 cards and stamps to mail them (US subscriptions only). This box was provided complimentary for review.


The Box: Nicely Noted

Cost: $20 a month

What You Get: A curated collection of letterpress cards and stamps.

  • stamps are included with US subscriptions

Ships to: US, Canada, UK and European Union

Shipping Cost: FREE

Nicely Noted includes an information/product card every month and I have actually gotten into the habit of reading it (I rarely read product cards). This month’s card gives us a little update on the owner’s life (she just got back from London and New York) and it tells us how to use one of the cards included in the package this month. Let’s have a look…..


Papaya Birthday Card (Printerette Press) – This card is everything! I love the bright colors, fun design, and the simplicity. I will DEFINITELY be using this one.


Thank You Card (Hammrpress) – I believed we have received cards from this shop before. This one however is definitely my favourite. I love the overlapping colors….like really love. And the simplicity is appreciated as per usual. It’s just a pretty card, plain and simple.


Llamas (Tambletop) – This is just too cute, and thanks to the fact that it doesn’t have a saying or quote, it can be used for a number of different things. It could easily be a Thank You Card, How Ya Doin’ note, Birthday Card, etc……

Thoughts: I love the cards we received this month. I’m definitely a fan of the brighter colors and fun prints. I’ll take a pink or purple card over a neutral card any day. You already know how much I like this subscription so I won’t say it again…..but I do really love this subscription. I have a strong appreciation for simple subscription boxes, and that’s exactly what Nicely Noted is.





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