Obviously Chic Box Review Summer 2018

Obviously Chic Box (now Hey Helen Box) is a quarterly subscription full of exclusively designed items by Daisy Mae and a curated selection of fashion, beauty & home. All boxes include FREE Shipping and every box will have a value of over $200.

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Oh my goodness!! It’s here! I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this box for quite some time. I discovered it a couple of months ago (after their first box sold out) and have heard nothing but great things. Needless to say, I had high hopes and have been patiently waiting to post my very first review for you guys.

One of the reasons I have been so excited to get my hands on this box is because the company is located right here in my hometown. This means it’s a Canadian box and on top of that, they are brand stickin’ new, this only being their second box.

Subscription Details
  1. Sign up for an Obviously Chic Box (now Hey Helen Box) and choose a subscription plan that best works for you.
  2. Your subscription gets you four boxes a year worth over $200 each and delivered to your door with free shipping.
  3. Have the peace of mind that you can easily cancel or modify your subscription at any time.

Here’s a closer look at the items we received in the Summer Obviously Chic Box (now Hey Helen Box)….

Flamingo Hand Painted Beach Bag

Custom painted artwork by artist Julie M specially created for Daisy Mae & then printed on a bag custom designed by us for the perfect place to keep all the things you love in one place.

First up we have this gorgeous Flamingo Beach Bag. A bag like this really is the perfect item for a Summer Box. I love to have one or two bags specifically for the beach or Summer outings. I like to keep at least one stocked and ready to go for last-minute outings. I will fill this one with a towel, sunscreen, brush, detangler, hair ties, a good book, and maybe a few snacks……oh, and a water bottle but we will get to that in a minute….

Handmade Scrunchie

Exclusive fabric, that was turned into a one of the kind scrunch by Me + You Handmade from Regina. Put that top bun in a cute scrunchie. Did you know a scrunchie prevents breakage with all that summer swimming & wet hair?

Speaking of hair ties……here we have the cutest little scrunchie that will be perfect for my new beach bag. Not only are scrunchies on trend, they are also super cute, a great way to dress up a messy bun, and they prevent breakage. Sign me up!!!


Let’s be honest, throwing on a hat is the best way to look cute (even if you’re having a great hair day). So many memories & moments are created during the summer months, making it some of your best days ever.

Here we have another item that will be perfect for my beach bag, an item I forgot to include in my list above. I learnt a valuable lesson on Father’s Day when we were walking around a car show for 6 hours in the sun…….always carry a hat with you. Since then I have kept a simple black hat, just like this one, with me at all times. I love them for including this in the Summer box, really I do!

Floral Kimono

Tank tops & swimsuits on repeat all summer long. The best way to keep looking cute when you don’t feel like wearing hardly anything at all. Designed by Daisy Mae & sewn by Kimono’s & Things in Penticton, BC this gorgeous kimono looks good with your tank and shorts or to cover up while you’re at the pool.

Next up we have the hero item of the box – a gorgeous kimono. I live in items like this during the summer months. Kimonos are easy to throw on, look super cute with jeans or shorts, or even over a solid color dress, and theY are lightweight and breezy. A nice way to add layers without adding too much warmth. This one is quite long, but I actually really love it.

Keep Hydrated

Custom designed by us, the cutest water bottle to keep all your liquids by your side. Chances of there being wine inside? – pretty high!

Remember my beach bag list from the beginning of the review? Ya, well here’s another item from the list – a cute water bottle. I carry water bottles (more than one) with me at all times, especially during July and August. This one is glass (which I appreciate) and it has the CUTEST saying on it – Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons.

We also received a product card (a detail I appreciate) with a list of all the items on the back as well as a coupon code for $25 off your order at Obviously Chic.

Obviously Chic Box Review Summer 2018 – Final Thoughts

Oh my goodness, I am absolutely thrilled with my first Obviously Chic Box (now Hey Helen Box). Not only was it fun to unbox, it also provided me with 5 Summer must-haves. I LOVE a good seasonal box that includes season appropriate products. Overall I am a HUGE fan of this box and this is only my first review. I love the beautiful box my items were packaged in, I love that they included a product card, I love the variety of items, and I love the seasonal theme. I’m already anticipating the Fall box. I’m hoping for cozy items in Fall colors and patterns. If I could change one thing about this box I would have loved for the items to have the same color scheme as I’m a sucker for items that all go together, but that’s just me, and other than that this box is perfection! Is it September yet???

# Of Items: 5 + $25 Coupon Code

Cost: $79 per box

Is it Still Available: NO, the Summer Box is Sold Out

Fall Box Details: Fall Boxes are Now Available – CLICK HERE

Coupon Code: Use code AYOB10 for $10 OFF your first box! – CLICK HERE


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Hey! Helen is a quarterly subscription full of exclusively designed items by Daisy Mae, a Canadian clothing company with sizes from Small – 4x  + curated selection of fashion, beauty & […]

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